Work in progress

All content is copyright. Not quite sure what that means but there you go.

I bought this little bit of web space 2 years ago on the spur of the moment really. I had started a distance learning course and vaguely had an idea that the web space might be useful. It’s only £6 a month and was half that in the first year as an introductory offer.

It took these past 2 years to figure out how the thing actually works but I am getting there. I gave up trying to understand the instructions and just learn by messing about with the thing. I don’t get on with instructions haha. If you are an employer and I have applied for a job then I am only kidding, it’s just my sense of humour. Honest, it’s just the finer points and teckie bit’s I had a slight problem with really. xx

I have kept a diary for many years but the diary I was writing in started and finished in July and I couldn’t find a replacement. I thought I would write a blog instead of keeping a diary. Stupid idea. I don’t really keep secrets but can’t write the kind of thing I write in a diary into an online blog. I started a journal that year until the next years diaries came out. Never mind, I quite like writing and have even made a dating profile. It’s a bit of fun I suppose. I am not sure what a blog is anyway. xx