My Boat. May God help all who sail in her. xx

This is a test really

This is a test post. I’m too busy with working silly hours and running myself into an early grave haha.

1st. December 2021. I have so much to do. I have been having to work extra shifts and the fatigue is almost at the point where I will have to do something. I must cut stress, number of hours worked and get a lot of real rest. Fatigue is not just being tired, sleep cures that. Fatigue is a very serious condition that eventually triggers all sorts of serious and fatal health conditions.

First chance to check my boat after the storm of Friday 26thNov.2021

I made an attempt at video blogging haha. I’m not very good at it as can be seen above. Never mind it’s just a bit of fun and good practice.

My heart goes out to anyone whose boat suffered damage. I can’t believe the Pilot Cutter broke free. Someone told me that so It’s only hearsay.

I had been to Mitford to see Susan my Laser Treatment Technician for a session of agony. It does work thank God. Very expensive but well worth it. I have not had any thoughts or attempts at suicide since I started living as my true self and Laser treatment is one of the main factors in helping me overcome dysphoria.

I will hopefully have my engine fixed by the New Year. I can’t remember how a couple of bits fit back into it. It must be obvious as I made a mental note telling myself there was no need to take a photo before taking it apart as it was obvious. I should have waited till the batteries had charged and I could use the camera and took pictures anyway.

Quick bio update November 2021. Single, 63 nearly, working, 5’6 or 7, 10st, mix of original/upgraded teeth, I don’t have time for anything other than work and trying to recover from work in order to go back to work the next week. I can’t manage for much longer so something will change soon one way or another.

When I get the chance I will get back to enjoying my hobbies. I gave up trying to find love and romance/dating and all that carry on. I don’t think I’m even interested anymore and am self conscious about my lousy body so don’t want to get to close to anyone. xx

Just testing

This is just a test

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