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0 seconds agoHi Anton, You just described the conditions inside a Black Hole and managed to prove what I always thought of as ‘What came before the Big Bang?’ In the beginning there was only light and this realm was void and without form due to the fact that space time only formed after there was light. You see, Every Super massive Black Hole is only a Black hole from our perspective in this realm (for want of a better word) It is the only way to describe the spirit realm which is outside time and space. The whole of creation exists within each of us but to grasp that is almost impossible because we are spirit yet physical and belong to this realm also. Lots of love, Pauline. xx

I just found a way to explain what I was shown in spirit by the Creator.

I have a lot of stuff to get done now. Oh dear. xx

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Freelance Researcher/Writer. Researching the nature of Evil, the fabled 'Anti-Christ'. The Politics Of Hate and relationship between the spirit/physical Realm. The truth is not out there, it's within us. In our hearts. xx

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