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Can I take my moped through the tunnel. It has a top speed of 30mph but struggles a bit on steep hills but can maintain a steady 16 or 17mph. On very steep hills it takes about 30 secs to reach that speed from a standing start.
I would prefer to push it through the pedestrian tunnel as that would be safer and the pedestrian tunnel is not well used and normally empty.

I use the swing bridge if I have to travel across the Tyne but am not clear on whether or not I can legally use the tunnels. I don’t fancy actually using them, especially not the southbound one with the 40mph speed limit.

There is not much chance of me ever being tempted to risk using the A19 but you never know, it would save me an hours journey time you see.
I would push my little moped via the ferry if I didn’t think I would get ‘chased’ haha. xx

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