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Pauline Anne Stoker

Personal Profile

I am a driven and enthusiastic individual, confident whilst dealing with customers both face to face and over the telephone. Through my previous work experience in a customer service environment, I have developed excellent communication and time management skills. I have the ability to work well alone or as part of a close-knit team, can work towards company targets and deadlines and show initiative in promoting company products and services. I have a flexible and adaptable attitude towards work demands and an understanding of health and safety in the workplace.

Key Skills

  • Thorough and can pay close attention to detail and remain focused
  • Ability to work well with others
  • Sensitivity and understanding of the needs of others
  • Patience and the ability to remain calm in stressful situations
  • The ability to accept criticism and work well under pressure
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Active listening skills

Work Experience

Class 2 HGV Driver, Parkside Logistics, Birtly

2016 – Jan 2022

  • Providing excellent customer service to promote the company.
  • Ensuring deliveries schedules and routes were managed effectively.
  • Ensuring goods were correctly loaded and unloaded.
  • Driving safely within the law and keeping to the required timescales for each job.
  • Accurately maintaining records and paperwork for each job.

N.A.C Outsourcing Agency/Nissan/QA Dept

2014 – 2016

  • Working for different businesses through outsourcing agency.
  • At Nissan I worked on the production line.
  • Transporting the cars onto ships.
  • Working in a fast-paced environment.

Care Assistant, Highcliffe Care Centre, Sunderland

2010 – 2014

  • Assisting with the day-to-day care and support for all service users within the care home environment.
  • Carrying out various tasks such as dressing, washing, assisting at mealtimes.
  • Working along side other health care professionals.
  • Providing friendly and supportive personal care.

    The above job description is basically correct but there’s more to being a care assistant than that. Care assistants, if they are like me, devote themselves to all the residents and only want to help a very vulnerable group of adults enjoy the best possible quality of life in very challenging circumstances.

    It was the hardest ‘job’ I ever did but the most rewarding too. There should be no monetary profit for care or health providers as all profit takes away a portion of life from the very people who’s lives are supposed to be being enhanced.

    Quality of life is hard to measure but when managers get a bonus for saving money that could have been used to enhance the lives of residents I think that shows the totally dehumanising side of Capitalism. It’s a disgrace to bring people down to the level of a commodity. Barbaric in fact. So now you know my politics and spiritual beliefs. That’s who I am. xx (Well, this version of my CV is part of a blog and employers won’t see it so there you go. lol)

Education & Training

Educated to secondary standard in various subjects including Maths and English

Level 2 Engineering Manufacturing Industry

Diploma in Freelance Journalism

Level 1 Working in a Team

Level 1 Certificate in IT

References available on request.

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