Anyone for Nazism

If Labour win the election what will change. NOTHING, they are part of a fascist/nazi/zionist regime. The name and label doesn’t matter but their hatred and disdain for OUR nation and way of life does. What fools we are to fall for the daily dose of MSM anti freedom propaganda. They even brag about their desire to leave Human rights conventions and prime all of us to go along with it by dehumanising/demonising and criminalising refugees fleeing from the chaos WE and NATO created in their homelands.

Beware the MSM. Has nobody else realised it is controlled in such a way as to create anger of certain groups or individuals. Anger can be addictive and lead to hatred which is a loss of ones Humanity, that personal internal knowledge of whats right and wrong that we should allow to guide us even if it means going against what the MSM, friends and family tells us is right and acceptable.

The next LAB/CON regime is just as phoney a democratic entity as all other Thatcherite regimes that have gone before.

Author: Polly

Freelance Researcher/Writer. Researching the nature of Evil, the fabled 'Anti-Christ'. The Politics Of Hate and relationship between the spirit/physical Realm. The truth is not out there, it's within us. In our hearts. xx

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