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I have voted for Steph’s Place in the National Diversity Awards this year.

Here’s why

I have followed Steph’s Place for a year or two and I love the mix of journalism, comment and opinion. Steph’s Place has a way of putting LGBTQ+ issues into perspective in a way that no other Group or publication online or in print can.

There is never any hint of hate or hysteria. No attempt to be controversial unless unearthing facts and presenting them in a matter of fact way then letting the reader form their own opinion is controversial. Perhaps that approach to researching facts and presenting them is controversial nowadays.

I think Steph’s Place deserves recognition for the brave work they do. I know Steph has been threatened and has many enemies and I actually think I take Steph’s work for granted. I’m not brave enough or clever enough to stick my head above the parapet but I am so glad Steph does on behalf of all us Trans folk and all LGBTQ+ at a time when Western regimes are actively working towards removing any and all rights gained over the last few decades.

God bless,
Pauline Stoker,

Steph’s Place can be found at Steph’s Place

To vote for Steph you can use this link to the National Diversity Awards Web Site

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