This is my own personal blog so all the views expressed are my own. I joined The Breakthrough Party because my political views are pretty much the same as theirs. I represent myself here and not the Party. xx

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18th September 2023
Joe Brands trial started 8 years ago but he hasn’t even been investigated by police or had anyone complain to them. I would take legal action, how can it not be liable. Did the same to Julian Assange didn’t they. I don’t think MSM/establishment/regime will get away with it this time though. They don’t need much more rope. The end of Rome is in sight. Oh dear. xx

18th September 2023
Computer and personal health issues have conspired to stop me putting journal entries in me little blog thingy. Never mind, I’m working on my own health and this laptop is going to have to be replaced with one which has more memory.
This laptop was sold in a ‘sale’ and on paper had tons of memory but then Microsoft kept doing ‘updates’ which soon took up all of the memory. Microsoft don’t give the user an option where the user or even the computer can refuse to download whatever Microsoft choose to download onto your hard drive. Mine runs out of memory because the updates are bigger than the space available to download onto! hey presto, they have effectively disabled my laptop.
Windows 10 update is so big it will never be installed and my memory will never be big enough to allow proper functioning of the machine. Is it an accidental flaw or deliberate but only apparent to the poorest of us who must struggle with inadequate memory storage space.

Microsoft could in theory cripple every computer running windows in no time at all, the CIA probably planned it like that. As a nation we have no back up for the day our power grids are attacked or our computers are crippled. Try shopping on that day or try finding out what’s going on in the world. That to me is energy IN-security.

28th June 2023
Well it looks like that dissident guy who runs the Auxiliary mercenary Russian Army fighting in Ukraine is now in Belorussia. Putin moved the tactical (battlefield) weapon’s there so they would be safe from the very same dissident person who apparently is now in exile in Belarus, within spitting distance of them actually. I’ve never been able to keep up with any telly plot so I’m not going to say anything further. Too late now anyway. Not surprisingly only one or two people agree with me that the war should be ended by negotiation. On the face of it, Russia is the aggressor. Russia doesn’t see it like that. Russia sees their fight as a fight for survival which it really is. The country is bankrupt and surrounded by enemies, cut off and alone. If there is no negotiated settlement there will be nuclear war very soon. Putin and his nation is not being allowed a way out and will fight to the end like a wounded trapped animal.

The real battlefield is not in Ukraine but is within each of us, in our hearts. Love is life. The Dark Side of Humanity has always had the upper hand on Earth. We have eternal life if we choose it. Love is life, not love of flags or religions. Not pseudo patriotism or political dogma which tells us what’s right and what’s wrong. Right and wrong is in our hearts and nobody needs to tell us. It’s the key to life, if we choose life that is. xx

Call for peace and an end to war

Over a year of war and NOBODY has called for peace? Boris and his sort say ‘we must not let Putin win, we must stop Putin’ Hundreds of thousands have already died. Like it or not our nation is at war with Russia. Our regime know it and the Russians know it.

Proxy wars, where you foot the bill but others pay the price can never be ended until the enemy or proxy are destroyed. Only talking can end war. Why should our side bother talking, we have limitless weapons to donate and no fear of public backlash, there are no body bags to see.

I am trying to start a petition asking the government to debate alternatives to fighting the proxy war in Ukraine against Russia but need a lot of help.

Please read why and follow the link to the petition if you agree that we must at least discuss this topic. Read the full explanation here.

Propaganda is deceit, the spreading of misinformation in order to create a smokescreen that hides each persons own internal individual sense of what’s right and wrong.

Media Barons decide who is to govern. That’s what propaganda is all about. The Far right propaganda machine has come a long way since Hitler’s day. It is highly effective and is now the biggest barrier to freedom and democracy. More dangerous to our nation than any external enemy

Me just now on Twitter.

If I have given you a password you can use it to access all of the password protected bits and bobs. xx

Monday 19th June 2023

I have so much to do this week that my head is spinning. I’m still wading through my notes from the debate in Westminster about ‘making the more than 10 year old Equalities act understandable’ It is working perfectly well and IS easily understandable as it is. Those who spoke in favour of changing the meaning of sex to mean sex as observed at birth went on to conflate Transgender women with stereotypical MALE predator’s. The things they said about Transgender people was disgusting and untrue. They went on to debate the need to keep men from using womens spaces, which is a different debate to the one they were supposed to be debating.

Misinformation from Far Right sources including ultra Conservative/traditionalists and NatCs is being seized upon by political non-entities to leverage the anti Trans (Trans women almost exclusivly) propaganda to their own personal advantage. George Galloway and his Socialist Labour ally Chris Williamson are both using the anti Woke theme yet they both self identify as socialists! Pull the other one guys, you are using hatred of a marginalised minority to win the votes of loud mouthed bigots. I feel sorry for Chris, he has fallen under the spell of an Ultra traditionalist. Apart from anything, a majority of the electorate are not as nasty or stupid as George seems to think they are. Socialists using anti minority propaganda will raise questions. I will make sure of it.

Here’s a letter I wrote to my MP. She’s lovely and I like her but because of the party system we have she is bound by what the leadership decide. I hope she will join us in Breakthrough eventually. I’m sure she would keep her seat in Parliament but will be free to think and feel as her own intuition guides her.

Friday 2nd June 2023

Here’s an interesting letter which shows the contempt LGB Alliance have for anyone daring to hold different views to theirs, even UN appointed Human rights experts. UN, you are officially CANCELLED.

LGB Alliance complain that the expert has no understanding in his field of expertise! Here is the letter from the UN expert to the Scottish Government. I know who I would listen too, how about you. What do you think.

Our Government have the power to prevent Nuclear war before it starts. They already failed to prevent war in Ukraine, we cant trust them to succeed now.

They and the US started the proxy war and only they can end it. Proxy wars can only be stopped when one side or the other is destroyed. Only talking can end wars before that happens. In a proxy war, as long as your proxy carries on fighting and dying for you there is no likelihood of ever bringing peace to the waring parties.

STOP THE WAR NOW Petition please sign

28th May 2023

The UK Tory party are only in power because they destroyed the opposition long BEFORE the election. Smears, misinformation and propaganda in effect made the election void.

The only way to fight misinformation and propaganda is with TRUTH and FACTS. Misinformation and propaganda got the Tories elected. Only TRUTH and FACTS combined with hindsight can shift them. xx

27th May 2023
Tomorrow is the 54th anniversary of the Stonewall rebellion which saw the most oppressed and marginalised minorities in the USA take the fight for Human Rights to the Police who were oppressing them. Trans women were at the forefront of the rebellion.

Some leading political figures on the left have sided with the Far Right and the UK Fascist state itself and are helping them remove the rights of LGBTQ+ people. There is no place for bigotry in the hearts of true socialists. The fight for universal Human Rights are a core value.

The next general election will be fought and won on a single issue. Do we trust the person standing for election to protect our Human Rights, do they want to remove our Human Rights. Wanting to remove the most basic of Human Rights from Transgender Women, the right to live as their true selves without fear of oppression, violence and discrimination is the key to the true intention of the candidate. The willingness to use the same misinformation and professionally produced ongoing public moral panic whipped up by the ‘apparently cancelled Anti Woke (Anti Human Rights)’ brigade has revealed which of the political class actually believe in all the things they claim to believe in.

The Far Right are honest and transparent about their beliefs and core values but not all who say they are ‘on the left’ are what they say. A socialist claiming it’s ok to oppress/dehumanise/demonise and HATE the smallest and most oppressed of any minority, Transgender Women, is no socialist. Pretending it is alright to remove their right to exist just in case they really are any of the disgusting things NAZIS say they are is beyond contempt and once caught in a lie always a liar as my Dad always said.

Tomorrow is the 54th anniversary of the Stonewall rebellion which saw the most oppressed and marginalised minorities in the USA take the fight for Human Rights to the Police who were oppressing them. Trans women were at the forefront of the rebellion

One of my books is about the dark side of Human Nature and how it leads people to disaster. War, famine, poverty, slavery. You name it. The Dark Side of humanity, I identified it as the fabled ‘Anti Christ’ in my book, has always ruled over this physical realm. If you want to see the Anti Christ, it’s on display everywhere you look and stronger now than at any time in Human history. All of our institutions have been infiltrated to some degree. Our Establishment, NATO, World Leaders are all seriously affected. UK political leaders on the Right and the LEFT are under it’s influence. The Great Deceiver is another name for the Dark Side of Human Nature/Anti Christ.

The world was deceived into the Ukraine war. Not one MP called for peace, everyone of them demanded we defeat Putin. Putin must not succeed they all said. We are told there are only Good guys and Evil guys and the MSM, BBC and Western Leaders all tell us we are on the side of good. God backs us (Putin thinks Gods on his side). God is both the Good Side of Human Nature and the Dark Side, The real battle ground is in the hearts of us all. Not the place where people kill each other.

I have been following a thread on Twitter, now that I have control of my various apps and accounts again, someone has managed to log into them all and change passwords but I have changed the passwords again. No doubt the Powers That Be are in for good now haha, never mind.

Anyway, yes, the Twitter thread is about the old Cold War war games and how every one of them ended in nuclear war eventually, sometimes very early on sometimes between week 4 and 6 of the hot war starting. There was always a diplomatic period involving politicians and civil servants which was played out for real, failing every year. These yearly NATO war games were made as real as possible. The forces and capabilities were ‘weighted’ to reflect reality based on intelligence reports. There were specially trained experts who had lived and worked as ordinary Soviet citizens for many years inside the Soviet Union, to advise NATO ‘Team Orange’ leaders on how their Soviet counterparts actually thought and how Soviet leaders would react to the ‘Blue Team’.

Incidentally most of these advisers had families in the Soviet Union who only knew their mam or dad as ordinary soviet citizens, never knowing mam or dad had been born and raised in the UK! Advisors spoke with a Russian accent and referred to the USSR as ‘us’ and ‘we’.

Just a thought. How did Johnson and Truss prepare themselves for their meeting with the Russians just before the Ukraine war kicked off? Those two are the last ones any sensible person would send if they genuinely intended to negotiate in good faith. Hundreds of thousands of lives could have been saved if they had sent real diplomats and actually wanted to avoid war. They would have been told what to expect by experts so if they wanted war they went about it the right way. The Great Deceiver works through controlling fools, leaders and decision makers.

My brain has shut down again, I will pop a link to the thread here while I think of it. I would recommend reading all of the replies and comments, especially mine haha. You might see what I see. xx

Why join the Breakthrough Party

If you are sick of being told by the main stream media (MSM), the Government, TV. News channels, Pundits and outspoken self appointed experts who have been CANCELLED how you should think and feel about the most important issues and problems facing our nation, I know how you feel. SICK to the back teeth, I felt it too which is why I investigated all of the most important issues, (according to MSM/Government), I did some fact checking of my own.

As a Freelance journalist, writer and investigator I like to get to the facts. I do make up my own mind once I have the facts but my job is to present facts in an easy to understand way so ordinary people like me can make up their own minds. I don’t do misinformation, propaganda, spin, hide facts or twist truths. If a fact doesn’t feel right I use intuition and go to the source and get the original facts from original documents or whatever source the facts came from. That’s fact checking.

Sorry I will have to come back to this later. Me Wheelie Bin lid has just come off and the Bin Man is due soon. Anyway check out The Breakthrough Party, I will finish this after lol. xx

Now I have to deal with this, Someone trying to hack my twitter account.

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I have a lot to do and my time is running short.
Anyway Human Rights investigations are my top priority now. I have set about taking on the fabled ‘Anti Christ’, sounds dramatic but the Anti Christ is not some dishy Hollywood style Satan. It is the dark side of Human Nature and manifests itself in anyone who invites hate into their hearts.

It is the root cause of war, famine, violence and stupidity. It is the Great Deceiver and uses a form of false patriotism which it converts into a kind of unnamed religion. Deception is the key, followers only see the flags and regalia, the devotion and self righteous pride they feel masks their own innate sense of right and wrong which I believe to be sacred. It comes from our true selves, our spirit, and so ultimately from Creation itself.

The Anti Christ (dark side of Human nature if you like) has piggybacked it’s way through our history, infiltrating all our institutions and evading recognition as does the best virus’ out there including digital. It is older than Human Kind because it is a natural part of Creation and exists outside of time and space as our true selves do. It has always been a major factor in the lives of Human Beings since Humans left the Garden of Eden and became ‘as Gods’ with this knowledge of good and evil (Genesis story). Yet because of the great deception it’s acolytes never learn what it is that they worship. They do reap the rewards though. Power on Earth over others, wealth in many cases, a feeling of self righteousness and the knowledge that they are ‘doing good’ except it is all a deception.

No one has ever put a name to this unknown religion until now. It is Ultra Conservatism/traditionalism in all of it’s forms. It is a form of anti evolution of the spirit which dwells in each of us. It prevents free thought and the evolution of spirit. It is the dogmatic truth we are taught by leaders and religions. It is false patriotism and swearing allegiance to the flag. It is everywhere and is the real Anti Christ. Love is true life. The real truth is within us all, that which makes us ‘as Gods’. The Anti Christ has always ruled over the Earth and is the dark side of Human Nature.

19th May 2023

Hi Alex,

Just a quick note to tell you about something I can see happening soon.

I posted this on my blog but nobody see’s it so I will put it here.  If anyone thinks forcing voters to show certain forms of ID at a poling station recently was for the sole purpose of rigging local elections in favour of the Tories I’m afraid that was not the intent. That’s what THEY want us to think. No that was not the number one reason, just a temporary effect.

The regime intend forcing a National Identity card scheme upon the British people. As soon as the figures come in they will be used to prove the need for such a scheme which was last used during WW2 and was hated by everyone. A modern biometric ID card to prove each citizen is valid is the regimes ultimate aim.

Forcing us to show ID at the local elections was just the first move, it looked like voter suppression but no it wasn’t. It was something far worse. Forewarned is as good as forearmed. x

16th May well past my bedtime,
Here’s a link to something MSM and the regime/establishment don’t want anyone to hear about. I have heard the report was almost released a few weeks ago but there was some kind of popular social event or football match or something and the U.N. knew the report would be buried, slipping by unnoticed, so they held back. The Coronation, that was it. Must have been when I was ill with Covid.
Only the regime/establishment have a real voice in Britain. It’s actually worse than the set up in the old USSR. The Soviet people knew how to read between the lines and get through to the truth. Here in the UK a massive number of people swallow news hook line and sinker. There is no way to read between the lines because anything remotely to do with Human Rights is pure propaganda. It’s produced by experts so little wonder some people WANT to believe it.
Love is true life, denying anyone the right to be themselves comes from HATE.

16th May 2023,
I’m getting over Covid and tested negative. Still got a bit of a cough and can’t catch my breath if I do anything at all strenuous but I have been out for a short walk and and feeling a lot better. I spent 3 weeks asleep apart from about a half an hour each day when I got up and drank sugary tea. I was aching all over but as soon as I got back to bed I felt incredibly comfortable and have caught up on many years of lost sleep haha. I had a fantastic sleep every day for 3 weeks although also had a high fever for a lot of the time on and off. I have a technique for recharging my body and soul, I will share it in one of my books, nobody looks at my blog anyway. It’s just a personal journal really.

Here’s something I posted to Twitter after seeing some ‘highlights’ from the National Conservative love in, well hate in haha.
NAT-C talk sounds extremely sinister. Other NAT-C slogans have been ‘Work sets you free’ &’We’ll make work pay’. The first one was what the NAT-C party wrote on a sign hung above a death camp entrance in NAT-C Germany and the latter was what they told us when cutting benefits. xx

23rd March 2023
The Anti Christ is not some sort of character but is in fact the Evil that infects Human Kind’s Religions/institutions/regimes/economic systems etc. It rewards people who serve it with power/wealth on Earth. The only way forward is Global Socialism which is what Jesus (The Christ)really taught. Perhaps the word Evil is far to strong, it’s actually just Human Nature. I think the old Testament actually reveals the true nature of Human Kind and it seems to be the nature of the Old Testament God. The Old Testament God is not the Creator but is maker of the physical realm (Earth) and is also the nature of Human Kind. I think the Old Testament God is that part of Creation which is physical, Mother Nature, Green Man etc. Human Kind became Human when we were given our gift of the knowledge of ‘Good and Evil’ and left the Garden of Eden (the Animal Kingdom or this physical realm).

Love is true life. The purpose of Creation is evolution and change. This Earthly realm is part of Creation, we can see both physical evolution and Spiritual evolution if we look for it, there are no secrets in the whole of Creation but there is deceit to overcome before we can see the truth. The physical/spiritual realms mirror each other in a way. Our sacred knowledge of good/evil is the gift of life.

That’s my opinion, what do you think? Are we only physical or are we spirit? NAZIS/Fascists are the foot soldiers of Evil (The Anti Christ)and think we are totally physical and attack minorities as a way of spreading hate and confusion. They hide behind religions and noble causes but no longer have life. Hate gives them a form of power on Earth but they forget the saying ‘those who love life shall lose life’ (the life lost refers to True Life not the physical life which is temporal anyway). It is also where the folk law Vampire stories originated. Once people are infected with hate and start to enjoy it, they are eventually unable to resist and have the life force sucked from them leaving behind the empty shell which goes on to spread evil/hate in a useless attempt to regain life. To feel something. Folk law Vampires know they are empty inside, They can’t feel anything. Their emotions and feelings are just like forgotten words on the tip of a tongue, a vague memory of what it was to have lived. I think we are all a work in progress and have the potential to do both good and bad things but we have choice. We belong to the Earth (driven or guided by Human Nature) but can escape the Earth by evolving in spirit. Anyway that’s my take on life Creation and all that kind of thing haha. xx

8th March 2023

Boris won the last GE because the propaganda machine silenced Jeremy Corbyn. Brexit happened because of years of MSM anti EU/anti immigrant propaganda. The next will follow the pattern and be decided by MSM manufactured hate/scapegoating rather than fact based policy/common sense.

Labour will win by default but since merging with the Tories to form the present regime it doesn’t matter anymore. The propaganda machine is now being used to make regime policy designed to oppress and control the populace seem like acceptable policies to protect us from harm. More later.

Both parties of the regime are ‘getting tough’ on the same old enemies. Immigrants (refugees fleeing war and persecution created in those regions where the US/UK unholy alliance in their quest for world domination has made war and forced illegal regime change). More about this later. Scroungers (the unemployed and disabled including those who are suffering mental health problems caused by worker burnout and the regime of intimidation and fear down at the Job Centre.) more later. Transgender Women (Part of a tiny marginalised minority who just want to live their lives free from intimidation, violence and discrimination.) They are people not an ideology.

If the present CON/LAB alliance is not a fascist regime tell me why you think that in the comments. If we have not become a single party state similar in nature to whatever the US has or China or Russia tell me why or at least have a little think about it, that would be better. xx

2nd March 2023
I can barely remember anything about this last week, it’s not dementia but either it’s massive stress and anxiety levels or the drugs I have to take to control anxiety and what have you. I remember seeing my friends on Tuesday and buying an old cup for £2 because I liked the colour and shape but not much else about our day out. Never mind, I’m seeing my boyfriend this weekend. I don’t know what I would do without him to rely on, he’s so gentle, kind and accepts me as I am with all my faults and failings. We are True Life Partners and at least I know I have a future to look forward too if I live long enough.
Neither of us have much in the way of material things. I have worked all my life and still have a small sailing boat but all my savings have gone and I still live in a private rented house so could be made homeless at short notice. He has been a miner, recovery lorry driver and scrap merchant but has been full time carer for his mam since she had a stroke and became house bound, she has pretty bad dementia too but is lovely and happy. I can’t remember what it was I was going to say here haha, just as well probably. That’s an old video of me sailing with Skippy, me rescued dog, he had a lot of mental health issues too. The only time he allowed me to cuddle him was when the fireworks were going off and we were out walking. He wanted me to pick him up and carry him home poor thing. Made me cry when that happened. xx

1st March 2023
I had to go for a Job Centre Health Assessment a few weeks ago and have hardly slept since being ordered to attend. My mental health condition and the heart thing was caused or triggered by the Job Centre regime itself, the hospital confirmed that when I was taken in back in August. After tests and keeping me in until my heart rate came down from an uneven 180BPM they told me they didn’t think it was a heart attack but weren’t sure. Anyway I was prescribed pills for life and told to see my GP as soon as possible.

My GP said I was suffering from anxiety, stress and low mood and I wasn’t surprised by that. What I was surprised about was that stress and anxiety could have such horrible physical effects on our bodies. I had underestimated how serious the condition actually is. I couldn’t quite take it in, my own mind must be working against me I thought, and it must do just that. The physical effects are real and dangerous, it’s not all in the mind. You can’t just pull yourself together or fight it.

I was prescribed another bunch of pills and am glad to say they do work but unfortunately are not a cure or a silver bullet. This brings me to my point. The regime is hounding out of work workers who may be already burned out due to being treated like slaves by bosses who demand total obedience, long hours doing the work of two(at least)and all for such low pay that a family can not survive on that single wage so both partners are forced to work, usually with the need of a top up from the state.


Being paid just enough to keep you alive so you can come back to work the next day is slavery. The real purpose of Universal Credit and the Job Centre regime of fear and oppression is to provide fresh slaves to replace the burned out ones. THE JOB CENTRE IS NOTHING SHORT OF A SLAVE MARKET.

I can only focus for short periods of time now. My mind is going blank again. I did worry in case it was dementia but I have worked in care and know dementia is a permanent condition. Some days are better than others but you don’t make a full recovery from dementia for a period of time only to have your brain shut down again when you are pressured or triggered by something or someone. I am sure I was going to say something profound when I started writing today but it’s gone now lol. Well not lol, it’s no laughing matter.

Sunday 19th Feb 2023
My brain has just packed up again lol. It does that a lot since the Regime itself via the Job Centre and MSM propaganda Barons caused a nervous breakdown a few months ago. I know the triggers and have some pills so can still work. I can’t think now so here’s a link

Wednesday 15th Feb 2023
Sir Kier Starmer has invited socialists to leave the Labour party before they are thrown out and has blocked Mr. Corbyn from standing as an MP.

It’s been obvious for a long time. The party is no longer part of the Labour movement. Now is the time to approach unions and get them to stop funding them, they wouldn’t consider funding the Tories after all and now Starmer has made it clear that they are Tories. About time too. Corbyn is a good man but has been manipulated and should now realise the party was lost to the working class a long time ago. Doesn’t matter whether it’s part of a GCHQ long term project or not. We have a virtual one party state no different from the US, China, or Russia because all the power is in the hands of like minded bought off (by the MSM Barons in the UK) politicians.
There is no opposition in Parliament and it’s now official. A one party state without any opposition is a Fascist state. I hope those at the back will wake up and stop dreaming now. There’s no going back, Labour is dead and buried.

Please consider our manifesto and pledges to protect Minority/women and workers rights then Join The Breakthrough Party where hope has a new home. Get involved and help us restore democracy to our nation.

Saint Valentines Day 2023 but only just.
I’m going to open my Valentines card in a minute. I might leave it till the morning actually, give me something nice to think about when I go to bed. It’s the first card from any man that I ever got and I gave him mine the other day which is now in a drawer round his place. It saves postage. He’s the first man I ever gave a card too so I am doubly excited haha.
I was going to text him in the morning and tell him where to look but he opened the drawer a few minutes after I had put it in and I just can’t keep a secret and was so exited and in love with him that I told him the plot.
I’m not very good at plots, I can’t make head nor tale of most stuff on the telly, not even the new game shows. I can hardly believe my own life story in fact, not a plot that’s very likely or believable so I have never shared it with more than a few people.
The past is only important with regards to the lessons we learn from it and the kind of person we become because of it I think. I never understood the plot so just went along with it, I’m lucky as that meant I have never been held back by the past. I don’t think I would like my past self and don’t want to repeat any of the mistakes. I just accept I am who I am because of all those mistakes, all that stupidity. I’m not that person now thank goodness. I hope to become a better person in the future too.
We are all a work in progress. That’s why I do suffer fools, we are all fools really, at least a lot of the time haha. xx

Monday 13th Feb 2023
Why is there a prescription charge in England and not anywhere else in the UK. Is it a coincidence that it is the English that keep the Cons in power? Doesn’t matter, it’s not what the NHS was founded for, quite the opposite in fact.

It is cheaper to allow sick people to have medication than to price medication out of their reach and then have to treat them in Hospital for the results of denying them treatment.

All of the revenue generated by the English prescription charges actually gets swallowed up in profits for the various privatised bits and bobs of the NHS you know. No private company should be making a profit as every penny profit going into private pockets could have been better spent in house. No wonder the NHS gets worse even as the government of the day claims to be pumping such huge amounts of money into it.

Only the loss making part of the NHS belongs to the people, the profit making part belongs to the sharks. Even buildings and land was sold off at a knock down price and rented back at extortionate rates. We’ll see about that in the near future.

Where the defence budget goes is a similar story I suspect. Apart from Trident being an expensive, immoral waste of money, I suspect prices are fixed and inflated when manufacturers see their chums in government coming their way with an order. Fat chance of getting anywhere near the facts on this one unless someone with a suicidal tendency and a brain the size of a planet decides to risk looking into it. xx

8th Feb 2023
I am considering taking the Job Centre to court for ruining my mental health. The medication is working but now that I know what the real problem is I know that I will almost certainly be sanctioned in the near future.

I find it hard to concentrate or focus for more than an hour and feel so tired all the time that I quite often fall asleep working, my brain just switches off and my mind wanders off to a nice quiet place. Never mind, some of it is probably age related and I can still work within limits.

My main work is here and any input from anyone with an interest in these subject areas of research would be very welcome.

26th Jan 2023
It’s not been on any UK MSM which is par for the course. Keep us in the dark and isolated from the rest of the world, control the narrative. Read about the millions who took to the streets to protest the French Regimes plan to raise the state pension age from 62 to 64 here. French workers are ready for a general strike.

25th January 2023
I am passionate about Human Rights. I think the most basic Human Right is the right to live as yourself. Your true self, not forced or bullied into living as someone your not. Nobody should be forced to live as a stereotype or be labelled and expected to live as that label or fit the stereotype of whatever society sees you as.

Many people are convinced conspiracy theories are real because what they really are is professionally produced propaganda. Far Right organisations are the source. The purpose is to create mistrust of democracy and allow fascist regimes to be ever more authoritarian. It normalises rank stupidity.
When MSM talk about subjects around which the Far Right have already created a false reality, it backs up the conspiracy theory. This is how the establishment propaganda machine works (most of the UK’s MSM including the BBC News and Current Affairs Dept. and the BBC World Service). THE ULTIMATE AIM IS TO CREATE HATE, DIVISION, FEAR, MISTRUST WHICH THEN ALLOWS EVER MORE AUTHORITARIAN RULE THUS ENABLEING NAZISM/FASCISM.

The real world outcome is an end to social security, strict anti union law/oppression of the lowest paid workers, end of the NHS, role back of all LGBTQ+ rights, an end to abortion rights, in short all our rights are being taken away. We have passed the point of no return, Blair saw to that. WITHOUT AN OPPOSITION IN PARLIAMENT THERE IS NO WAY TO REVERSE THE ONGOING UK COUP.


23rd Jan 2023
Middle of the night again and I can’t sleep because of worry. My friend, who has a mental health condition and has a note from the doctor saying she is unfit for work due to the condition, has asked me to go with her for support to a place in Sunderland where the regime wants to interrogate her so they can prove the doctor is lying. My friend is desperate for work and can’t afford not to work. The regime does not accept ‘sick notes’ or listen to doctors though. They bully people better.

The people who run the world should have stuck to making money. That’s Capitalism and trading for profit is as old as currency, but they bought corrupt politicians and interfered in International affairs. That’s not capitalism and has nothing to do with trade. Its Evil and is everything to do with stealing our Human Rights. It’s enslavement.

Sunday 20th January 2023
The regime is tightening it’s grip. No economic policy, no social policy, no plan to make our country a better fairer place to live. They focus on removing rights and oppressing the majority of our people.
LGBTQ+ peoples hard won rights under attack, by way of anti Transgender propaganda and far right (fascist) misinformation and lies, abortion and women’s rights are next.
BAME people under attack via way of anti immigrant misinformation and Far Right propaganda/bigotry from the regime and MSM. We are not being invaded or swamped by illegal dark skinned/Muslim people and criminals from Albania.
Workers rights and the right to protest HAVE been removed by the regime.
The unemployed and disabled are being harassed, persecuted, dehumanised and demoralised in order to subdue not only the poorest and most vulnerable class of people (those unable to find work for whatever reason) but those working class people being forced to work long hours for a minimum wage and who need to claim in work benefits which makes them reliant on the worst of employers and the state itself. It’s slavery, manipulation and control.

You can trace the policies of the British and US regimes right back to Hitler. Fascism backed by propaganda which is designed to create fear, mistrust, disgust and hatred of all minorities. THE ONLY MINORITY WHO HAVE BROUGHT OUR NATION TO THE BRINK OF BANKRUPTCY AND CHAOS ARE A MINORITY OF ELITE POWERFUL FASCISTS WHO ARE USING MAIN STREAM MEDIA PROPAGANDA AND LIES TO CONTROL US. DEBT IS SLAVERY.

3 o’clock in the middle of the night, Thursday 19th Jan 2023
Another sleepless night. I can’t switch my mind off. I ended up in Hospital the last time the Job Centre put me through this and ended up on two lots of meds and a sick note from a real doctor telling me I am not fit for work. The Hospital told me my condition was triggered by the enormous pressure being exerted by the JC which caused so much stress and anxiety that I was physically affected.

When I rang NHS 101 for advice that Sunday night they sent a paramedic ahead of an ambulance. After being hooked up to monitors he told me I had to go to Hospital, there was so much electrical activity that my heart rate was 190 beats per minute and very irregular causing me to feel weak, dizzy and about to pass out.

The look on my sons face made me feel I was letting him down, I knew I had worried myself into that state. I didn’t think I would be seeing him again. I am pretty sure the pills are working although here I am now, not able to sleep and with an uneven heart rate again. It feels like it keeps stopping every 3 or 4 beats for ages at a time.

I told the Job Centre I couldn’t go back. Before that Sunday I had been having panic attacks as my ‘Work Coach’ told me how useless I was. My brain shut down and I couldn’t speak, I’m probably on the autistic spectrum but managed to cope somehow in the past by just avoiding any form of confrontation and never arguing. Well I can’t argue anyway, I lose the ability to speak haha. Unfortunately out of work workers can’t avoid the Job Centre process of dehumanisation, belittling and mental torture. Work Coaches must be specially trained in the art of mental warfare. Once my Work Coach found the trigger She picked up each interview where she had left off the previous one then started extending the 10 minutes to 20 minutes because she wasn’t satisfied with my lack of ‘cooperation’.

I get £64.50 a week help from the state by way of Universal Credit but luckily I also get a Forces Pension of just over £100 a week, they can’t touch that. They have ruined my health for the sake of £64.50 a week. I am supposed to report to an assessment centre in Sunderland in a few weeks so they can prove I’m fit for work and the doctor/Hospital consultant are incompetent liars. I don’t know how I will cope, it’s not worth risking being put in Hospital again.

I have just sent a message to my Job Centre disabilities adviser. I don’t mind sharing, it’s the Back To Square One one. Dianne has been great and is very patient with me and I can talk to her as a friend. The first time she rang I had a panic attack and tried to chase her but she persisted and I am so glad she did. She’s not part of the Job Centre regime and is an occupational therapist I think. xx

Thursday 12th Jan 2023
Been thinking about how to do some good for my country. I believe we have to get to the heart of the problem before we can do anything. I joined The Breakthrough Party so will do what I can using that vehicle. Anyway I’m thinking about leaflets.

The Breakthrough Party

Can you help us rebuild our nation?

We are a new political party passionate about rebuilding our devastated nation for the good of all our people. CAN YOU HELP. Young people who want to help shape our nation have most to gain and are more than welcome. They have inherited a hell of a mess from previous generations.

Democracy, all our Human Rights, Disabled peoples rights, workers rights and all minorities rights are under constant attack from the UK Regime (Conservative and Labour double act), and their masters who own the MSM propaganda machine. Was Jeremy Corbyn really an Anti Semitic, commie, Nazi spy, taking orders from Putin? NO, of course not, it was all a pack of lies, smears to prevent Corbyn becoming PM. That’s not democracy.

The Labour party are no longer part of the Labour movement and serve the same masters as the Tory Party. They fully expect to win the next General Election by default simply by being the least hated of the two main parties in our two party state WE OFFER HOPE and a credible plan for rebuilding the economy and tackling the cost of living crisis. ( for our manifesto).

Transphobia is being used by the far right to misdirect attention away from the mess the regime itself has caused and as a way to create hatred and fear of a tiny marginalised minority. A well tried and tested FASCIST political device. The current panic over Transgender people being able to change their birth certificates is based on conspiracy theories manufactured by the Far Right. An attack on the rights of any minority is an attack on all minorities and ultimately affects all our Human Rights. WE SEE THROUGH this current attack on HUMAN RIGHTS and have committed to stand by and support ALL MINORITIES. (See our commitments at

The Regime is today planning to finally finish off Trade Unionism and SMASH the unions. Again this is nothing new. Thatcher shut down entire industries in order to destroy their representative unions who fought on behalf of the workers. No industry = no workers therefore no union voice. It all comes back to removing the rights of ordinary people.

The regime of fear used to attack the Windrush BAME minority is being used by the DWP to dehumanise the unemployed/disabled and workers who rely on in work benefits. The regime ensures a steady supply of demoralised workers willing to work for the worst and most inhumane employers as low pay/long hours/stress and anxiety causes worker burnout/poor quality of life and workforce attrition.

The capitalist system is designed to trap ordinary people in poverty. DEBT = SLAVERY.







There what do you think?

Here’s a random thought. Been thinking about Nationalism, Conservatism and bigotry in all it’s forms. So this is it. All our institutions and religions have been infiltrated by evil influence to some degree. It’s not obvious except when you observe the harm done by adherence to Dogma. Human Beings are spirit and know in their hearts what’s right and wrong. Creation doesn’t need a go between. xx

Saturday 31st December 2022
Next research will be. How best to create a Green Energy industry and why we need to build it as a matter of priority. I think Green H2 and Hydrogen fuel cells are the way forward.
The housing crisis and homelessness needs to be tackled. They helped homeless people during lockdown so why did they shut that scheme down. We have to change the narrative concerning Immigrants/refugees before hate groups start attacking them. MSM and government language is a deliberate propaganda attack on Human Rights and the intention is to create fear and hatred of all non-White people who are now being scapegoated because of the shocking state of the country. The leaders and the system are to blame, not any minority group.
Plenty to be getting on with. xx

Thursday 29th December 2022
Been in bed since Sunday night more or less. Must be Flu, probably not the version they made the Flu jab up for. I think I’m over the worst now, urgh, it’s horrible. I’m expecting a phone call from a Health person to discuss my return to the U/C regime. They ruined my mental health so I don’t know how that will come about. I can’t go against my own internal sense of what’s right and wrong anymore. If I even consider it I get panic attacks, an actual physical and very unpleasant and debilitating physical response. The problem is, it’s a spiritual response and not a mental health issue. The Physical and Spiritual mirror each other. I was not allowed to live as my true self from early childhood and that meant conforming to the will of ‘society’. That is not living as your true self. We are only physical beings because that is how we need to be on Earth so we can live a physical life. We are spirit and immortal as well, in fact that is all we are. Our true self is not physical but is spirit. Never mind, can’t remember what I was going to say now. Nothing important. xx

Wednesday 28th December 2022
As I lay dying from the Flu the other day I had a few thoughts about the true purpose of life and why life on Earth is just so horrible and miserable with hardly anything to take our minds away from the suffering and injustice of it all.
I have always known that love is true life and this Earth is ruled by Evil. I also know that Earth is only part of creation, there is a spiritual realm and Human Kind are both physical and spiritual. The purpose of Creation is Evolution, the physical and spiritual mirror each other so we can observe evolution in this physical realm and even measure it. There is also spiritual evolution. The opposite of evolution is conservatism. That was my thought lol. I didn’t die and feel a bit better today. I had a flu jab ages ago as well so the flu going round now must be a different version to the one they expected.

Conservatism is evil because it aims to prevent spiritual evolution. Love is true life. Conservatism in all it’s forms is pure dogma. Each individual person is born into this world with Love in their Hearts which comes from creation itself. We all know right and wrong because it comes from Love. Conservatism in all it’s forms attempts to tell us what is right and wrong and force us to agree with it even though we know in our hearts that it is wrong. We can only evolve in spirit if we live life as our true selves and always in alignment with what our own internal knowledge of right and wrong tells us. Call it intuition if you like. It’s what makes us Human. It is Humanity and that’s why I think Socialism should be built upon Human Rights and why we must protect the most vulnerable from oppression, which is actually conservatism, and it’s Evil intent which is to crush each individuals own knowledge of what’s right and what’s wrong.

Wednesday 21st December 2022
Very disappointed that Chris Williamson has teamed up with Far Right so called Gender Critical anti transgender hate groups. There really is no place for hate in the heart of a socialist. There is no excuse.

The Sex in the Summer series (link further down the page) on Resist TV, endorsed by Chris Williamson is overtly Transphobic. Transgender people are not an ideology and nobody is ‘erasing women’ it’s a Far Right conspiracy theory. Here is an example of how the Far Right MSM spread this conspiracy theory. This is what the UN has to say about it.

Far Right MSM, the Tories/Fascists and BBC News and Current Affairs department are all attacking the Human Rights of the most marginalised and tiny minority there is, ordinary folk born Transgender, Trans Women in particular.

The BBC and MSM, the very same group who made Jeremy Corbyn unelectable by using the tactic of drowning him out with misinformation and smears are now attacking Transgender people using the same tactic. Violence against LGBTQ+ people is on the increase as a result. I believe Human rights are the bedrock socialism should be built on but I’m not an academic and have never studied socialism, it just seems obvious to me. Now some who call themselves socialists are jumping on the band wagon and using the same conspiracy theories and lies to oppress and demonise a minority group. Nazi’s don’t need any help, it’s all they do and they are the experts.

Socialism should be about offering hope and protecting the most vulnerable in society I think. The most vulnerable are always targeted first but make no mistake, they want to take away everyone’s Human Rights. This new form of socialism is no different from National Socialism to my eyes. It stinks to high Heaven.

Monday 19th December 2022
Much warmer today. The snow and ice has almost all gone and the temperature indoors is up to 14C from less than 10C making it much easier to crank my brain up and get down to work.
I have spent an hour writing to the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) about my thoughts on a Debbie Hayton article in the Far Right ‘Spectator’. My complaint is here. Am I being fair do you think. Feel free to comment. xx

Friday 16th December 2022
I made an attempt to engage in a non confrontational way with members of a hate group/cult. It really is pointless talking to them. I know why that is so I will be writing about my findings.
Today I received a link to an important document that will not appear in the UK MSM as the information it contains fly’s in the face of the official regime and MSM including the BBC narrative. Read the document here.
I have a tremendous amount of work to get done but it’s going to be a labour of love so I am up for it. I have been asked to fulfil an important role linked with Human Rights. I resisted at first but I know I have to do it. It’s a huge challenge, a test of who I am and my capabilities, but I have help and I did ask that I be made able to help others. My request has been granted after all. xx

Grey Bin Day 15th December 2022
Scrap Trident and use the money to fund the NHS. Nuclear weapons are vengeance weapons designed to incinerate the civilian population and make entire regions uninhabitable. The hypothesis that they deter nuclear war has never been tested, when it is tested it will prove to be wrong. The only reason Britain has them is because past leaders thought they could ‘punch above their weight’ by having them. During the Cuban Missile Crisis, the very leader who wanted Britain to have The Bomb begged the US president to remove all nuclear weapons the Americans had in Britain. He knew the Nuclear Deterrent story was stupid. JFK told him there was no way he would remove weapons from Britain so Britain had better join any war against the USSR that they were about to kick off. Only a tiny minority of countries have Nuclear weapons and those without have never been nuked apart from Japan. If Japan had the Bomb it would not have saved them from defeat. It is not a deterrent. Only a willingness to talk and create peaceful relations can deter war. Once war starts there is no way of controlling events that follow. Hate and stupidity are the key drivers of any conflict. Just my own opinion, comment below if you like. xx

Monday 12th December 2022
Trying to do some work but it’s so cold I can’t think properly. Thanks to the Evil that infects and controls our leaders who rule the world and go out of their way to cause conflict and war I have to sit here freezing. It’s 10C in here today and will be colder tomorrow. Me fingers/toes are numb. Institutionalised Violence and stupidity stems from the Evil that rules this world. The Ukraine war got off the mark in 2014 and nobody really bothered to find a lasting solution. They aren’t even looking for peace now. Our leaders and their backers are making a mint from it and using it to extend their political power even further. Their first reaction to Putin’s invasion was to send weapons in order to extend the conflict into a proxy war without end.

Proxy wars where the people of another country do all your dying for you in return for weapons is totally immoral, there can never be an end until the enemy or proxy are annihilated because there is no need to find peace as long as someone else does the dying. There will never be peace talks. Only talking can end war. It’s about time someone asked some questions in Parliament but nobody will. No calls for peace. If they had not clamoured for extending the war countless lives would have been saved. As it is there is no end to suffering in sight. I wouldn’t want my loved ones dying for some vague matter of principle. x

Sunday 11th December 2022
I joined the Breakthrough Party a while back and am finally getting round to becoming more active, I’m quite lazy by nature and am quite a timid person so I can’t do confrontation lol. I don’t want to hurt anyone and don’t see people as stereotypes. That is the main reason I really can’t avoid becoming involved in politics I think. I will have to write about this in depth as I am better at explaining myself in writing than by any other method. I’m not much good at anything really but I can write well enough to create an understanding in the minds of ordinary people of the things I think and write about.

Why get involved in politics if I can’t ‘do’ confrontation? Well, I don’t think politics is to do with confrontation. I know from experience that most people are very nice and decent. They are influenced by what they hear in the news and by other peoples opinions, what they hear generally scares them and induces fear and even anger. Propaganda is designed to do that, produce fear, anger and division which over time can plant the seeds of hate in the hearts of people who are susceptible to their influence. It’s an evil form of coercion and manipulation. Evil because it comes from hate. Propaganda is deceit and misinformation in order to create a smokescreen that hides each persons own internal individual sense of what’s right and wrong. I intend writing more on these things in the near future so will explain everything as soon as I can. This probably doesn’t make much sense haha, never mind, it will given time. xx

Bin Man Day 8th December 2022.
Transphobia will be a major factor at the next election. The current attack on Transgender Women, (Men never seem to get a mention), will backfire on all those people and parties who attempt to use Transphobia for political gain. Many have already set out their stall and there will soon be no way back for them. Transgender people are just people, not an ideology. They are not an anti woman movement and don’t want to erase anyone. How stupid is that particular conspiracy theory? It’s a bit sad that George Galloway fell for it. Nicola Sturgeon talks a lot of common sense on the subject, I like her. She is sticking to her beliefs and principles unlike the Labour party who are only interested in playing to the gallery (MSM). Why should the Scottish nation be shackled to Westminster and not be given the right to have a say on the matter of independence? Disgusting that George is attacking the SNP over their stance on LGBTQ+ rights and using Far Right propaganda and conspiracy theories to do it. If he thinks preventing independence is so important then why use Transphobia to counter that totally unrelated issue? xx

Tuesday 6th December 2022.
Just been having a think about whether a political party should ever endorse direct action which thanks to acts of Parliament would nowadays amount to breaking the law. Peaceful protest that causes disruption can result in a prison sentence in todays UK. Apart from that any disruption or annoying people can be used to produce anti protester propaganda with the intention of sowing the seeds of hate in the hearts of the ‘victims’ of direct action.

Media barons and the state itself control the propaganda so they control the narrative. Politics is all about ideas and attitudes, hearts and minds not publicity stunts which may result in violence and physical harm. Much worse than that, there is a grave risk of sowing the seeds of hate in the hearts of those on both sides of any confrontation. Hearts and minds are all that count. Hate itself is the only enemy.

Apart from anything else, publicity stunts are counter productive and nobody knows who the people are or who persuaded them it was a good idea to stop ordinary workers from getting to work, defacing art and destroying other peoples property etc. Agent Provocateurs can easily take control of small groups and manipulate public opinion by their actions. People taking part in disruptive publicity stunts are very misguided I think.

Only legal protests and strikes do any good because it’s numbers that count not stunts. Numbers of protesters and amount of lost revenue. Number of hearts and minds won over by hearing the truth and being able to decide for themselves.

When an authoritarian government/regime is in power and they want a showdown with the people rather than talk or compromise in any way then the only way to remove them is to demand a General election. Mass legal non-violent protests and a general strike are the only way to force a general election and restore true democracy. After all, if only the ruling class and their backers in big business are represented in Parliament and the rest of us are seen as the enemy then you can’t claim to be living in a democracy.

Thursday 1st December 2022.
I have wrote some letters to try and get to the bottom of something. Two of the political figures I most admire seem to be endorsing Transphobia as a means to win votes. A lot of Trumps palls used the same kind of hate in the US elections recently and it actually lost them some seats as the politics of hate, stupidity and division were rejected at the ballot box. Here’s an actual letter.

Wednesday 30th November 2022
Well this front page really is a disorganised mess. I have so much going on at the moment, so much to think and write about. So many different investigations and things to poke my nose into that this front page of this blog is the last to receive any love and attention. I am sorry for any spelling and grammar mistakes, It’s all done in a rush before my brain packs up. My health has been damaged by the way I was treated by the Job Centre. I’m still recovering from the regime of fear and intimidation they operate down there. I will put a link to Regime of Fear when I have a draft version or an outline of where I’m going with it. I can barely allow myself to think over my own personal experience as it triggers panic attacks, an actual physical reaction.

The regime of fear in your local Job Centre is the prototype regime they have adapted to punish and control migrants and refugees. It works like this. Persecute the victims who fall into your hands as a means to attack those you have not yet managed to get your hands on.

By persecuting the unemployed those who are in work, especially low paid work and unrepresented by a union, are terrified into accepting any of the demands made of them by the worst and most inhumane of employers.

The regime aims to prevent refugees from coming to Britain by raising fear and hate of all migrants. They know that if they can cause enough people to hate migrants or anyone who looks like a migrant, it will lead to violence eventually. The propaganda barons supply the narrative that immigrants can waltz into the country, live a life of luxury in posh hotels at enormous expense and be given everything they need to live a good life. They use immigrants as a scapegoat to explain away cuts in social services and a ruined NHS. Here’s a high profile bigot and ex leader of a British Nationalist Party doing what he does best. Take it away Nigel.

Love the way he put his grubby patriotic pillow behind him so he could invoke in our imagination that sense of Britishness and bring to mind the glory days of empire and accomplishment. Far Right political figures love to stand in front of flags don’t they(or sit in front of a Grubby pillow with a flag pattern placed in the back of a car in this case). Pseudo Patriotism is nothing to do with love for your nation, it’s not real and is based on myth’s and legends, symbolism and flags, not love.

I studied Freelance Journalism a while back and the one subject I wanted to stay clear of was politics. I am interested in so many other things and am such a timid person that I just didn’t want to make myself a target of any hate group, there are a large number of them and most pass themselves off as a political party or are some sort of populist movement based around any one of the many conspiracy theories going around. Propaganda, misinformation and scare stories are readily and freely available courtesy of ‘The Free Press’. They supply simple catch phrases and meaningless terminology so that any fool can join in complex ‘debate’ and make themselves appear knowledgeable and brave enough to risk being ‘cancelled’ while sticking up for the imagined victims of their target minority.

At the time of writing, LGB Alliance is the most influential and best organised of the state sponsored hate groups. They specialise in creating heightened levels of hate and division of and amongst the minority LGBTQ+ community. My own investigation will appear here but there is an excellent piece over at Steph’s Place.

Monday 28th November 2022
On Sunday I came across a You Tube clip on a channel associated with my hero Chris Williamson and Jumped to the conclusion that he must have endorsed it. I was deeply hurt and shocked at the thought. I have now had time to think about it and am certain Chris is unaware of the clip and will be as shocked and angry as myself when he does find out. I have been given a link which proves Chris is not jumping on the anti Trans band wagon and he defends Transgender peoples rights.

I now believe the Anti Trans video must have been uploaded without Chris’s knowledge and am looking into it. On the one hand I am sorry I went off half cocked but on the other hand I am so glad I found this as someone is up to no good. It’s a smear against Chris and an attack on socialism and Human Rights. I suspect someone linked to GB Workers Party is at the back of it, or GCHQ and Integrity Initiative but George Galloway is quite vocal about his anti trans beliefs so is the one I would be most suspicious of. I will be asking some questions and getting at the truth of this whole affair in due course. xx

Everything I wrote on Sunday was written because I fell for a sort of conspiracy theory, a devious trick to make socialists believe that being a bigot of any sort is consistent with socialist beliefs. I know it is not, there is no place in socialism for hate. As a socialist I believe standing up for the Human Rights of everyone, but especially minority groups, to be the fundamental bedrock of socialism in this day and age. That is why socialism belongs to the whole of Humanity. x

I can’t let this drop. The podcast does look very official and professional but that’s because professional paid propagandists are very good at making conspiracy theories seem real at first glance. Certain key words and phrases link the mind to oft repeated MSM misinformation. x

I left this, below, on You Tube just now. I don’t know anything about podcasting though but never mind. I can’t let this rest. I have to challenge it.

Is this really anything to do with socialism. There is no Gender ideology, only transgender people. Everything you say has got nothing to do with women’s rights but everything to do with a Far Right narrative of hate. If Chris fell for this he needs to rattle his head about lol. Come on, it’s all crap, the same rubbish being put about by the Media barons who are intent on smearing socialism and socialists. It is based on MSM misinformation and I call you out on this. There is no place for hate in socialism. You pair are bigots and liars and this proves it. Throwing a few key words into a conspiracy theory does not make it a reality. As a socialist I demand the right to reply in the same manner as you people. I will interview a real transgender person and present the real facts. How dare you pretend you are socialists.

I am feeling very disillusioned with politics today. I joined The Breakthrough Party the other week so I expect I will calm down in a while, write something, do some thinking and use my intuition to find a way forward. xx

I have joined The Breakthrough Party (TBP). The BTP is new on the block so I feel I should be an active member and do what I can. I have never studied socialism but I like the manifesto they have and believe in the same things and values so the time has come to stick my neck out for my beliefs I suppose. I think the manifesto is basically the same as Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party one but it also has a commitment to fight for the rights of all the minorities currently being attacked by both media and state.

My best friend sometimes complains that instead of dashing off a quick yes or no to any texted query I quite often write a novel instead. I ‘went off on one‘ as they say in the East End, as I messaged my Hoodie size. It’s a long story, I was going to go and help out as a volunteer last Sunday but I am so disorganised I managed to mess up and didn’t make it as planned. I started working on something else. I think my anxiety caused me to chicken out to be honest. I never was very brave and have always felt inadequate and a bit useless but that’s probably because I am a very positive person and a bit of a wishful thinker haha. I often bite off a lot more than I can chew. I should have learned from my little daft dog who did some really silly things on the spur of the moment without thinking anything through. He got us both into a lot of trouble many times. It didn’t help that I’m the same kind of fool. xx

Anyway, I have studied Freelance Journalism and gone ahead and produced a few articles but have not had anything in print yet. I have posted them in this blog under Ad Hock Articles.

Never mind, it’s great being able to write my own little blog even if I never intended to actually share it. I thought it would be a kind of online diary, Mine ran out in the middle of the year and WH Smiths had closed down so I couldn’t replace it. Bought this little bit of Internet real estate instead haha. xx

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