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Welcome to my Blog and Portfolio.

Just a few paragraphs about me and what I hope to achieve and how I can be contacted in confidence.

I am honest and friendly. I enjoy being productive and helping others if I am able. Sometimes all we can do is listen and empathise but even that helps to share the burden when friends need support. I am blessed with some lovely friends and know how lucky I am. I am totally open about myself but can keep secrets and protect my sources. I believe in ethical Journalism and that Journalism is essential to a democracy but can also enlighten, entertain and enthuse others. I look forward to becoming a competent writer eventually.

I am just starting out as a Freelance Journalist and writer. I have always enjoyed writing and have kept diaries for many years. I recommend keeping a diary as it is a way of self analysing your true innermost thoughts. It’s very therapeutic.

My interests are Local History, culture, myths and legends. I am studying the Dark Age period. I’m 63 and can’t afford a proper education so have to rely on my own research which is turning up many new facts. Some of what we take for granted seems to have been ‘made up’. More later, I’m writing a book but it’s early days. I should have it published early next year.

My goal is to have books published in the long term and articles based on my own experiences and research, published in the not too distant future. I am just starting out and I know it is not going to be easy. I have studied Freelance Journalism and had an excellent tutor who has worked hard and had many years of success as a journalist and editor. Others do it, so can I.

It was ages before J.K. Rowling got anywhere with her books and Ken Barlow in Corrie had 15 articles rejected over a long period of time before he managed to get his foot in the door. Yes he is fictional but Coronation Street do try to portray real life situations and starting from scratch in anything new is always a struggle. William Roache is still going strong and working. I hope to still be productive when I’m in my 90’s. I think he is such an inspiration, don’t you. xx

If you would like to contact me in confidence please email me at pollyme@protonmail.com.

Comments can also be left in the comments section at the bottom of each article.

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