Is genocide not a local issue? I think it is. It reveals a little something about every single politician in the world. That which makes them who they are and what’s in their hearts. That which they often want to hide.

Labour increased it’s vote share by just 1% yet got over 400 MPs. George Galloway was denied ANY airtime on MSM and not one mention of the CON/LAB support for genocide and the morally corrupt proxy war against Russia which Boris and Truss created. Now tell me the system is not rigged

The UK Lab/Con Thatcherite regime has gained total control. It’s why they called an election and continue to use a rigged voting system backed by MSM misinformation and Far right (NAZI) propaganda. Nazis became experts of control in the 30’s gaining World domination in the 80s. x Just saying. It’s nothing to fear though. Human Beings grow and evolve in spirit through adversity.

A Social Media friend has a new job and a raise. It’s actually the first piece of good news I have heard in 2 or 3 days. Nice to hear good news as it lifts our spirits. Constant MSM bad news is deliberate and used by evil entities to suppress and confuse the spirit but it’s good to rejoice for others. xx

The whole of Creation is within each of us and we are of one spirit so there is every reason to rejoice. The dark side of Human Nature has always governed and enslaved Human Kind but it can’t enslave our individual spirit. Evolution of our individual spirit is the purpose of Creation. We are all an equal part of Creation and can all choose to evolve in spirit away from Earth. The Dark Side of our Human Nature is what holds us and is best thought of as our animal instinct, It’s natural and is the god that guides physical life on Earth. The God of the old testament.

Fear/the addiction to being angry (HATE) causes us to lash out at imaginary enemies created by deceitful people who have power on Earth via lies/propaganda. Love is life, Our own sense of right/wrong is our Humanity if we follow it. The Dark side of Human Nature enslaves Humanity.

We can’t be held to this Earth if we follow our own Humanity. Our physical body evolves towards death but our spirit evolves towards life if we choose life. Hence the saying ‘those who love life will lose life, those who hate life will gain life’.

That’s it in a nutshell, it’s not a secret. The whole of creation is within each of us who have love in our hearts. The purpose of Earth is to cause us to evolve in spirit, the Earth tries to hold us here by blinding us to the truth. There is no Hell except this Hell on Earth. Don’t worry, Love is life, we all have the gift of life because we are born from the same spirit and the whole of Creation is within us, in our hearts. Bit tricky to explain lol, just impossible to explain spirit stuff using physical means like words and language since they belong to this realm you see. xx

14th June 2024
Who is going to vote for any of the establishment parties. Think long and hard before voting because you like the idea of
Targeting the above minorities will not bring about an economic plan, fix the NHS or end the housing crisis. We can’t build a better future for our nation based on hate. WAKE UP FOR FUCKS SAKE. xx

30th April
No local candidate has said what they think of the genocide Jamie. It’s the biggest issue of our time and people are being murdered in hideous ways right now. The establishment are ignoring the issue but you’re an independant, what are your thoughts please Jamie? I’m S/Shields. x

I posted that on Twitter X just now.

Jamie is ex Labour Mayor of North Tyneside. His campaign is very professional in that he has bought the most balloons and has lots of supporters which is not really what you would expect from an independant. I would vote for him except for the fact that he has never mentioned the genocide although nor have any of the others. WHY? I’m guessing they don’t have the guts to annoy the establishment or whoever runs the establishment propaganda machine which is the entity that ‘guides’ us voters telling us how to think and feel.

Oh the Green party seem to have teamed up with Jamie too and have not done much campaigning. The Reform party are standing but not campaigning either. Likewise Labour. Whats really going on is obvious to me but I’m a bit odd haha. Never mind, it will all come out in the very next wash later when the establishment hold their farce of an election. This next GE will be different though, they have lost the narrative and it’s clear who and what has control of their hearts and souls.

I think the world has woken up to what is really going on. The western rulers are in a panic because they can see the inevitable end to their power on Earth. The dark side of their Human Nature has been seen and their lies and deceit made obvious. Propaganda is overcome by TRUTH.

4th April,
I feel really bad because I think I may have upset Mike on Facebook. I forget how vulnerable most people are sometimes and although he’s a bigot I know we are all one family and most bigots are struggling to come to terms with not being able to live up to the standards they think they must live up too. Standards dictated by political or religious dogma or tradition, that kind of thing. We are social animals and very much need to conform. Being almost ‘normal’ must be such hard work because nobody is ‘totally normal’ we are all very different yet the same because we are all from the same spirit. I’m far from ‘normal’ so I’m lucky in a way. I had to struggle all my life to be accepted, not by others but by myself. Never mind, long story. xx

16th March 2024

‘WAR ON WOKE’ is the ongoing war on RED TAPE. Red tape being laws that protect workers from abuse in the workplace. Red Tape is the combined strength of Human Rights and H&S legislation. That’s the reality, MSM, you know BBC through to GBnews/Daily Mail, make it sound acceptable.

7th March 2024

The CON/LAB regime/MSM propaganda machine is the source of most hate in the UK. Hatred of Islam/migrants/Trans/disabled etc, every minority you can think of. WE’RE ALL part of at least one minority. The only minority not targeted are those who profit from hate fear and division.

10th March 2024,

I think Thatcher getting her hands on North Sea oil was the beginning of the end of our democracy. What happened since looks much like an establishment or CIA regime change of some sort, everywhere there is oil and corrupt leaders or authoritarian regimes and oil you will find CIA style diplomacy.

The CON/LAB regime are going to change the definition of ‘extremism’ They already changed the definition of antisemitism. My guess is the regime is gearing up to take on the people and impose martial law. The King must act against this as democracy has failed and we have no way of removing the regime through peaceful means. Their first target will probably be George Galloway and Workers GB Party but smears won’t shut him up. Remember when they tried to silence Sinn Fein and Gerry Adams, didn’t work either but the new definition of extremism will be tailored to fit the times and once again protect Zionist apartheid Israel, The only Western power base in North Africa, (Where there’s still lots and lots of lovely BLACK GOLD to be had)

The CON/LAB regime backing genocide then criminalising most of the population for not backing the regime is tantamount to declaring war on US ALL. They are only in power because they made Corbyn unelectable by using lies smears and misinformation via their MSM PROPAGANDA MACHINE.

6th March 2024
(updated a bit just now 8th March 2024)

I heard George Galloway talking to Owen Jones and have changed my opinion of him. George said he changes his opinions in the light of new information. I know why Owen Jones is against George, same reason I was really, He is a very conservative socialist and a traditionalist. In his case I think his religious views have caused him to side with the Far right bigots who spread misinformation about the tiny proportion of babies who are born Transgender.

Being Trans and living as your true self is incredibly hard for Transgender people because of the misunderstood teachings of a lot of religions and the deliberate hateful propaganda spread by the Far Right. Human Beings are social creatures and want to conform as much as George does but instead of being shown love and acceptance they are seen as a stereotype to be feared and hated. Children in particular need to know they are accepted.

It is easy to allow the seeds of hate into your heart if facts and science are ignored in favour of the Word of God, who is not the Creator of everything. The God in the Christian bible has the same nature as Human Beings capable of jealousy and lashing out at those who listen to and follow their own sacred sense of right and wrong which is called our Humanity.

Gods enemies tend to get smitten and when God smites His enemies His people rejoice. No wonder religions teach us to be God fearing here on Earth and punish those who are blasphemous or nonconforming. God of the Bible is Conservative and DEMANDS CONFORMITY but Jesus himself was what we now call a SOCIALIST and said Love is life.

When Jesus Christ talked of Our Father in Heaven he didn’t mean the God of the old testament. The God of the old testament is the Lord of this Physical Realm but not the sum of creation. The Father in Heaven Jesus spoke of is the Creator of all things and is in our hearts. Yes Creation is not out there it’s within each of us. We are immortal and are outside of this particular Earth, this realm. This Earth is where we grow in Spirit.

Anyway it’s not possible to explain so we should listen to our own sense of right and wrong and be prepared to suffer because of it. The only way Jesus could explain was to demonstrate it all physically. When on the cross he even felt the ultimate despair of feeling Our Father in Heaven had forsaken him and he had been wrong all along. Imagine his closest friends didn’t stay awake when he asked them too when he knew what was about to happen after Judas betrayed him. He was so scared and alone and had many doubts even though he knew the truth. Jesus knew what it was to be hated, excluded and misunderstood.

God fearing Christians who follow dogma are being deceived, Popes are Human and can be deceived by the dark side of Human Nature as we all are. It’s only natural when you don’t understand your own sacred texts and are scared to use your own sense of right and wrong. What do you think the Genesis story is all about, talking snakes, nudity and apple trees?

George doesn’t try to hide his Transphobic ideas about Transgender women which does cause great harm to a small minority of people who are misunderstood because of Far Right inspired anger and fear. Transgender people are Human beings not some kind of ideology.

Social Conservatives tend to want everything to remain the same. Political dogma and religious ideology is designed to enslave our very Spirit and prevent us from seeing and hearing our own sacred knowledge of right and wrong which is in our hearts and is our Truth and Humanity. Religious texts and books are neither fiction nor non-fiction, they can not be read and deciphered by the brain which is the seat of logic but only by the heart which is the seat of Spirit.

We are all a work in process on this Earth and as long as we have some love in our hearts we have hope. I believe George Galloway does have love in his heart but to praise the likes of Posey Parker the hate preacher, shows he is listening to religious and FAR Right propaganda which is designed to appeal to our brain and drown out our Heart. That’s being Human. It’s overcoming the dark side of our nature which eventually brings everlasting life.

27th Feb 2024,
Today’s thought,

We’re programmed for survival by instinct, driven by instinct. Fighting, showing off, stealing and all the things we are best at is instinctive. Our Humanity comes from our own internal sense of right and wrong which goes against instinct. Instinct=the dark side of Human nature.

Religions don’t preach hate, zealots misinterpret ancient texts. The dark side of Human Nature creates zealots. Hate is an addiction to being angry and belongs to our Human natures dark side, love is true life. Hate masks our own sense of good and evil. Please don’t choose hate.

Real power (on Earth) lies in the ability to manipulate the dark side of Human nature through deception causing fear, hate and division. The powerful here on Earth create Hell for their victims. Hell on Earth. Luckily life on Earth is temporary but we are eternal because we are spirit. We are here on Earth to evolve in spirit. That’s what I think but it’s a bit tricky to explain properly for some reason. xx

I’m afraid it’s a bit of a jumble at the moment. Sorry but I don’t think I can get organised any time soon as my head is also a bit of a jumble these days. The pills help but there’s no silver bullet. Such is life. xx


12th Feb 2024
Sent this to Unite and cancelled my subs. Not in the mood to be very polite. The thought that I support a union that supports genocide but have always said they support the Palestinian people’s right to freedom is playing on my mind.

Please tell me where Unite stands on the question of genocide, I really can’t go on supporting this union as long as they support the Labour party.
I thought we supported Palestine, ourselves and the Labour party have in the past said as much but when now it looks like not only has Labour been infiltrated and destroyed from within but UNITE is obviously in the same camp.
I am disgusted. I DO NOT NOR EVER WILL SUPPORT A FASCIST (CON/LAB) regime in any way nor will I support any organisation that actively supports such a regime.

I have asked twice if Unite is going to carry on supporting Labour but been ignored.
Just cancel my membership. I don’t trust the leadership or those who remain silent on this.

I don’t pay much but what little I did pay can now go towards supporting the new Transform Party.

29th January 2024
We cant unsee/unknow what Nazism is doing to the People of Palestine. They will try to deceive us, plant false memories with their propaganda but we must never forget who is doing what to whom right now. Genocide enablers are those we voted into high office, they want YOUR vote.

Love is true life, our own internal sense of right and wrong is our Humanity. Nazism is the opposite, the deceitful doctrine of hate that spreads misinformation to intentionally cause fear, division and anger which can drown out our own Humanity if we fail to see through it all.
It’s pointless engaging with them. They live to hate and spread hate, like mythical Vampires they are the undead. They follow a doctrine of hate and have lost their Humanity. xx

I pray for peace and for all people caught up in all and every conflict and horrible situation and for their loved ones. The dark side of Human nature has always ruled this world but true life is love and if we have love in our hearts there is always hope. Hate is the only enemy

Anyway Human Rights investigations are my top priority now. I have set about taking on the fabled ‘Anti Christ’, sounds dramatic but the Anti Christ is not some dishy Hollywood style Satan. It is the dark side of Human Nature and manifests itself in anyone who invites hate into their hearts. Why so much hate and violence (that’s a test link there to ‘what is a woman at 1:05:20′ and here’s another) I’m running out of steam and need a cup of tea. I will come back to this, getting stressed and can’t think now. xx

16th Jan 1414hrs

Wrote this on the Twitter chat thing as I listened to MP’s ‘debating’ the ins and outs of sending none white people seeking asylum in Britain to Rwanda. The Con/Lab regime want to pick and choose which international law they comply with. Problem is they don’t even recognise the one about not committing genocide.
Blairs Labour are no better. By supporting Worldwide illegal regime change, illegal war and genocide they are a major cause of creating the very crisis they pretend to have all the answers too. The only right answer is to first, stop war and genocide and then give humanitarian aid and help to rebuild communities and entire nations WE ourselves have destroyed. xx

12th Jan 2024

The facts point to the US AND UK regime of hate being the perpetrators of GENOCIDE in Gaza. The Zionist Nazi state of Israel is OUR PROXY. They use our bombs and are our Middle Eastern power base.

The things our regime does and what they say to justify what they do makes no sense because it’s a massive deception. Ukraine could have been avoided but our own leaders WANTED WAR so they inflicted yet another Proxy war upon the world for their own amusement, there is no rational motive, gaining more power and riches perhaps but personally I believe it really is because they can only feel alive by tormenting others.

The Houtis are not committing genocide and their ineffectual drone attack was proven to be incapable of harming modern warships. We do nothing to try and stop genocide but kill people in Yemen who actually do want to stop the genocide. Yet again we are treated to a massive misinformation barrage about how it is ‘only right’ that we attack the enemies of freedom and democracy, this is the Houtis I’m talking about or as the MSM call them ‘Iran backed rebel terrorists’. Remember they told us last year that they were going to stop sending weapons to the Saudis because they were using them to kill Houti civilians in Yemen.

The only explanation is that we are the cause of GENOCIDE and Israel is OUR proxy.

10th Jan 2024

Sent this message to someone on Twitter. Some of their supporters once baited me and said ‘you don’t have the first clue who we are have you’. I didn’t answer, I didn’t really know for sure until they said that. Funny how one thing leads to another.

Hi, have you heard about the new party of the left, the Transform Party? https://transformpolitics.uk Speaking for myself I think Human Rights should be front and centre when it comes to socialism and policy but I still don’t understand the high brow explanation of what Socialism is.

I believe Socialism must be about equality and Human Rights, you know, right and wrong. For instance I know in my heart that bigotry and ultra nationalism or National Socialism is wrong because it is based on ALIENATION of minorities and scapegoating which I know in my heart is wrong. It would be wrong to address a far right bigot as Comrade just because they self identify as Socialist therefore.

I think you have made a big blunder in identifying Galloway as the one most likely to revive socialism and mop up ex Labour supporters. Galloway and the rest of the establishment can not understand that decent folk who are NOT driven by hate are actually in the majority within our nation. Love is life, it’s what makes us Human. Knowing in our hearts what’s right and wrong is our Humanity. Fighting for love and hearts is worth it, fighting for minds using logic is deception and not worth it I feel. There’s still time. As long as we have some love in our hearts there is always some hope. It’s a shame, George Galloway would be a great asset to the nation if only he could stop using logic and second guessing ordinary voters real beliefs and feelings. xx

Monday 8th Jan 2024

Is there someone I can talk to in connection with the continued support my union gives to the defunct Labour party?

I have asked if there are plans to stop funding Labour but have had no reply. As you doubtless know, Labour DO NOT support the Labour movement but are a major part of the UK fascist regime and supports the genocide going on in Gazza.

I am disgusted that Unite still fund an authoritarian fascist regime and blindly accept MSM/regime lies about whats going on in our country and around the world.

I am intending to not just leave Unite but to join the new Transform Party and actively campaign for truth and justice.

Your thoughts would be appreciated.


I then wrote this on Twitter,
I’ve asked Unite several times if they are going to stop funding Labour who are equal partners in our UK Fascist regime. No reply tells me Unite leadership is as corrupt as the regime WE are supporting. I’m leaving, funding Stonewall the only LGBT and Human rights charity in UK.

comment if you like, be interesting to know if more people are coming to realise everything the MSM or the establishment has said in the last decade or longer is suspect, part of a constant propaganda campaign. The powers that rule us are intent on dividing our nation by creating fear and alarm leading to anger and hatred of ALL MINORITIES.

2nd Jan 2024 Tuesday.

Wrote this on You Tube in response to one of those ‘ I interview the people who have been silenced and we can never hear from them’ type channels. Calvin is an ex cleric of some sort who rages against ‘WOKE’.

Poor people have fewer temptations Calvin? You seem to have been deceived and are not listening to the true word of God which is within all of us. The sacred knowledge of good and evil is our Humanity and is within our hearts not written into any religion. Being rich and giving to charity does not do anyone any good, it’s a deception. We are spirit, the feeling that we are ‘doing good’ is physical and comes from chemicals being released into the brain, same as when you are angry, makes you feel self righteous and gives you power but being angry all the time or fearful leads to hate. Hate is a physical addiction to being angry but comes from the dark side of our Human nature not our spirit which comes from the Creator.

If you see in or on MSM that immigrants are dangerous invaders, Transgender women are dangerous and eat babies or worship Satan, the disabled in body or mind are conning the system or the unemployed have destroyed us economically then that’s what I mean by deception. You have been fooled by the dark side of your Human nature I’m sure. It’s a natural part of being a physical being living in a physical realm but the physical realities mask our own Humanity, the knowledge of what’s right and wrong. That is the Armageddon and is happening within each persons heart.

The God of the Old Testament would seem to have the same nature as Human Beings which includes our dark side, jealousy for instance. Jesus taught love and didn’t condemn the minorities you condemn as being Woke or having an agenda which is against Gods will. The days when the good guys wore white hats and the bad guys wore black never really existed. WW2 was fought against Nazism, it didn’t eradicate Nazism which is the great deciever itself. The dark side of Human nature has always had the upper hand Calvin, it has tricked you I fear. xx

The dark side of Human nature is the root cause of war, famine, violence and stupidity. It is totally natural and comes from nature, Mother Earth etc. It is what guides us as physical beings. It is akin to instinct, the same force of nature that guides all physical life. What makes Human Beings different is this knowledge of What’s right and what’s wrong which comes from Creation itself. Love IS life and the knowledge of right and wrong is our humanity.

Human Beings are social Beings, we naturally want to conform and fit in with the rest of society, it’s a need which we can’t ignore. Mother nature/Human nature sorts society in such a way that we can survive and thrive as a species. In times of plenty the natural instinct is to serve the community and look after one another. In times of crisis the dark side of Human nature creates leaders and followers, hierarchy and a competitive spirit. It’s a form of evolution and ensures survival of all life on Earth.

Human Beings also have within them, in their hearts, the knowledge of what’s right and what’s wrong which is often in conflict with society’s expectations. Life on Earth is an endless crisis which empowers the dark side of our Human nature. We are both physical beings and Spirit and are born with love in our hearts and the knowledge of good and evil which is our Humanity. Spirit is outside of time and space which only exists on Earth. Physical life and spirit mirror one another in an inexplicable way. Our Spirit is held here on Earth by Mother Nature which guides and protects us in this realm but our Humanity often rebels against natural law because of our own knowledge of good and evil. For instance, Mother Nature organises social creatures into separate tribes which develop their own beliefs and dogma. It is natural for conflict between tribes to occur in the fight for survival. It happens throughout the animal kingdom. Our Humanity tells us war is wrong.

The dark side of Human nature is the Great Deceiver. Deception is the key.

Deception comes in the form of Ultra Conservatism/traditionalism. It is the anti evolution of the spirit which dwells in each of us. It is the dogmatic truth we are taught by leaders and religions. It is false patriotism and swearing allegiance to the flag. It is everywhere and is the real Anti Christ. Love is true life. The real truth is within us all, that which makes us ‘as Gods’. The Anti Christ has always ruled over the Earth and is the dark side of Human Nation.

Nature of the beast

23rd December 1702 hrs

How did we end up with the present fascist regime? When they sent Truss and Johnson on a diplomatic mission to prevent war in Ukraine, nobody said, hang on, they are not diplomats, if we want to avoid war shouldn’t we send genuine diplomats and be prepared to compromise. Putin said the only condition they had was that NATO should abide by their word and not push into Ukraine. Russia felt threatened and were going to defend themselves. Putin told Johnson and Truss that they would invade.

When Russia invaded, Parliament and the Western powers immediately started sending weapons in order to ‘defeat’ Putin, not only did no one ask for debate, they all cheered. It was a deception, they wanted to prolong the war for as long as possible knowing there was no chance of achieving their aims but wanting to weaken Russia. Hundreds of thousands have now died and the killing and suffering is still going on. Western leaders and MSM continue the endless misinformation and propaganda campaign, they don’t care about Human life, they are not US or UK voters who are dying so why should they care! Besides that, all wars are an opportunity to profit in some way. Britain’s last payment to the US for all their help in defeating Germany under the lease lend scheme was in the 1990’s. Ukraine can never pay for the weapons they keep demanding but someone will pay. Ukraine and Russia will pay in blood and the working tax payers in the West will pay in their standard of living. Win win for any Fascist regime. The regime needs enemies to blame for their failure to serve the people and high crime rates so they can control their narrative of fear and division. That’s how authoritarian regimes hold onto power.

Fear of Immigrants, Transgender women, Muslims, anyone that looks like a migrant, in short the regime and MSM create fear by pointing out your enemy and using stereotyping to dehumanise that enemy. Creating fear and anger of all those minorities they demonise on a daily basis has caused the general population to feel vulnerable, unsafe and helpless. Johnson and Truss both got rid of thousands of police officers at an enormous cost, I forget the lies they told at the time to explain why we had to undermine civil society by encouraging an already increasing crime rate.

Our regime now backs genocide and persecute every minority in the land. Immigrants don’t rule us, nor Transgender women. The unemployed/disabled aren’t responsible for the economic state of the country, high inflation nor high energy costs. The biggest threat to our planet is from deception and misinformation calculated to spread fear, alarm and create anger and panic. People are made very scared and angry because their enemies are real, want to destroy their way of life and gain total control of our very nation. Know thy enemy. Beware the deception. The real enemy is the fascist regime itself and the hate, fear and division they deliberately create

When anger turns to hate there is rarely any way back. Anger becomes like a drug, the only time you feel anything is when you feel angry. That’s hate, an addiction to anger, the hardest habit to kick. Hate leaves no room in your heart for love which is real life. Many people die inside long before their time on Earth is up, consumed by hate from within.

Jesus gave just one commandment, something Moses overlooked. We must love one another as (because) the creator loves us all. Human Beings are born with love in our hearts, it comes from creation itself and makes us as one family.

The Anti Christ is known as the Great Deceiver. It’s not a deity or God. The Anti Christ is the dark side of Human Nature, it’s that simple. The dark side of Human Nature has always been the biggest influence on Humanity. It rewards those who follow it, gives them a form of power, protects them and makes them feel strong and ‘alive’. It’s a deception, love and Humanity are the true life and exist outside of time and space within our ‘hearts’.

The purpose of life on Earth is evolution and change. The physical life is mirrored in spirit. We are on Earth to evolve in spirit to the point where we can escape this existence and be free to be our true selves (Heaven) free from the dark side of Human nature which is natural but belongs to Earth. The Anti Christ, the dark side of Humanity, can be thought of as the force which rules the physical universe, it’s both ‘good and bad’ but it deceives those with Humanity in them. And wants to hold us to the Earth because our physical presence belongs to this Earth.

Humanity is the knowledge of what’s right and what’s wrong, Good and Evil. It’s a form of true life and comes from love.

The Anti Christ is the deception that TELLS people What’s Good and Evil, it’s misinformation and dogma both political and religious.

Propaganda and misinformation creates a smokescreen that hides our own sense of right and wrong.

There’s nothing to worry about though. We just need to see through the deception and always follow our own sacred knowledge of Good and Evil. The Creation is love and infinite power and is present in our hearts. Always follow your heart and never someone else’s version of what’s right and what’s wrong. Beware the great Deceiver.

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