Hate Group LGBA meeting with the UN to try and convince the UN that Transgender women don’t actually exist and should not have the right to live as their true selves.


The original LGBA web site was a carbon copy of an anti Muslim site that I reported to the Net Fuzz. Basically it was their own made up frequently asked questions and their own answers some of them backed up with snippets and headlines from the Daily Mail and other Far Right publications.

After becoming a charity they updated the web site to something a little less obvious, very professional looking in keeping with their elevated status haha. They are still a hate group, just with an added veneer of what they think is respectability.

While I’m on the subject, there was a petition that wanted Parliament to debate ‘what is a woman’. I watched it for months and when it was obvious it would never reach 100,000 I stopped looking. There was only a couple of months to go. Incredibly it actually got 180,000 signatures so will be debated in Parliament. I can’t wait, we shall see where our leaders stand on this totally idiotic made up moral panic. Goodness knows how they got about two thirds of those signatures in less than a third of the time remaining but never mind, it did by some wizardry. x

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