Open letter to a few prominent socialists

Dear xxxxx,

I am disturbed by the fact that both George Galloway and Chris Williamson, whom I have enormous respect for, have sunk to the level of the Far Right and are using the same smear tactics based upon MSM supplied misinformation and propaganda to try and win votes from the SNP.

I am referring to the harnessing of hate and fear of a tiny marginalised and maligned minority who are the much less than 1% of any population who are born Transgender. Transgender women make up about 0.3% of the worlds population. The current MSM campaign of hate against these people is causing real harm to that tiny minority.

Transgender people have always been with us. They are not a danger to anyone nor a safeguarding risk to School Children as at least 2 government ministers have claimed recently. There is no trans ideology only transgender people. Nobody wants to cancel women, what the hell does that even mean? Self identification will never encourage men to dress as women so they can use the Ladies toilet.

Self ID is only for the purpose of correcting the understandable mistake which results in Transgender people having to go through life with a birth certificate which states they are the opposite gender to their actual gender. That official document must be shown to potential employers to prove the right to work so is a very important official document. Transgender people who dare living as their true selves are already targets for bigots. Unemployed Trans Women in particular are already disadvantaged when trying to find a job. Employers who buy into the MSM and official Government narrative of how dangerous Trans Women are, are far less likely to risk hiring ‘one of them

Having the right to have a transgender persons real gender on their own birth certificate is the only purpose of self I.D. What other minority is forced to prove themselves to the state. Do gay people need an expensive nonsensical consultation with a doctor then have to submit evidence to a panel of ‘experts’ to prove they are gay and intend staying gay for the rest of their lives?

Hate groups, generally of the Far Right/Nazi/fascist kind have a vested interest in attacking minorities. Spreading hate, fear and division is a way of creating the kind of adverse public opinion that helps governments and regimes to remove the rights of minorities and workers. It is authoritarian regimes such as our own who have the most to gain from the current moral panic and hatred of Transgender people.

I know George is transphobic and is against Scottish independence. The SNP are for independence and want to protect minorities from rising levels of hate and intimidation of all LGBT people.

As A freelance journalist I am investigating why some who call themselves socialists have decided to embrace the Far Right politics of hate and division.

Can you please tell me in plain language where your socialist party stands on this issue.

Do you believe the MSM narrative? Chucking a few catchy words and phrases into a conspiracy theory, which is what this panic about transgender people is, might make it sound credible but to tell socialists that being transphobic is OK is not acceptable.

I have a little blog at There are a few more of my thoughts and feelings on this and other Human Rights issues on there.

Yours sincerely,


The long and the short of it.

The question was asked, what size Hoodie do you take.

I take a medium (12) in a hoodie but a large (14) would do. Thank you Brian. Might be wearing a coat though. A tabard that goes over clothing might be better and cheaper and a number of them could be kept for everyone’s use on any day of campaigning with only one per location being needed. I think they are a one size fits all kind of thing.

Do we know which area we will be setting up in. If it’s Newcastle the new tax on Fresh air that the city is intending to make in April might become an issue I think. What is the parties thoughts on that. I’m all for Green solutions but Newcastle are notorious for raising money by stealth. The scandal of the bus lanes a few years ago proved that.

I’m looking into the whole issue of charging to Cross the Tyne Bridge, the temptation to profit from modern surveillance systems was just too much for the council I think. I want to know where the money will go for a start and where did the original data come from, who commissioned the original research and that kind of thing. I think if they are going to charge then how will they decide that pollution levels on the day actually warrant it and where will the monitored area actually be. Will the charged for area contain the car parks so people will be charged for a 100 yards or so and not actually enter the area of high pollution. I’m sure low paid workers and haulage/delivery companies will be thrilled lol. Nobody drives through Newcastle for the fun of it so it won’t do anything at all to bring down pollution levels.

The best way forward for environment and economy is to embrace H2 fuel cell technology and take the lead in the world ahead of everyone else. Oil companies are going to block development and  find ways to make any new tech unaffordable. I’m guessing patents, misinformation and buying politicians will play a part in the prevention and suppression of any new form of energy production that hits the oil companies strangle hold on power. Green hydrogen can be produced from wind power and Fuel cells can be any size from tiny ones that power cars to medium sized ones that could power small towns and industrial estates. Truly Green and a source of energy that will remove the need for the US to cause chaos in the oil producing regions. It will put paid to the refugee crisis too in the long term but we should be helping those regions to become stable and peaceful now instead of deliberately maintaining the state of chaos.

I think we should focus on Green tech as a nation to rebuild our economy and do our bit for the World. Our present regime would sooner bankrupt the nation to give themselves another excuse for austerity than do anything to rebuild our economy. They have already put laws in place to easily quell any future protests and I think they can use the wording of the new laws to ban strikes and arrest organisers if they choose to. 

The state of the nation is no accident. It started during the Winter of Discontent in my opinion, just in time for the Far Right to get their hands on North Sea oil. Low wage, high unemployment was a deliberate policy paid for with oil revenue when other nations used their own oil revenue to modernise and build infrastructure. Thatcher destroyed entire industries just to break the power of the unions and deliberately created high levels of poverty and a huge pool of despondent out of work workers who were willing to work for a pittance and put up with long hours and poor conditions, meaning bosses could easily replace their workers if they didn’t toe the line. It was an attack on all workers rights not just the unemployed.

Blair, ex young Conservative was no accident either. His mission was to carry on the work of whoever really runs the country and destroy socialism for good. It was Blair who sent a delegation of New Labour and Tories off to America to find out how they got away with Workfare without causing civil unrest. They soon adapted what they learned to Britain and finally put an end to the ‘Nanny State’ which was the very Social Security safety net that Labour themselves created along with the NHS which Blair also carried on privatising.

We no longer have an opposition party, the Labour party has blended in with the government and have the same policies, serve the same masters. The Labour Movement itself must be relaunched somehow I think.

Sorry Brian, I’ve gone off on one again haha. Never mind. I don’t think I’ve libelled anyone.

Lots of love.


Should periodic CPC training be replaced with First aid training?

Commercial drivers must undertake 35 hours of CPC training every 5 years. The average cost to drivers who’s employer will not fund them is around £400. They have to take the course in their own time. The purpose of CPC is to make our roads safer for all users and was an EU initiative.

Driving an HGV requires us to be in possession of our driving licence, tachograph and CPC cards to prove we have undergone all the required training and are working according to the law. Perhaps for this reason the 35 hours of ongoing periodic CPC training seems to focus on the legal side of commercial driving.

HGV drivers find periodic CPC training a very emotive subject and it is fair to say most would like to see it scrapped. They view the CPC as a very expensive waste of time. At least in the present format. After all, the periodic course is the same as the initial training course and teaches nothing new. The only difference is that most drivers have had a lot of experience actually doing the job. An expensive, time consuming exercise in ‘teaching Grannies to suck eggs’.

Could the course be improved? If road safety concerns are the reason for ongoing CPC training then should it not actually focus on delivering that outcome. Most commercial drivers see ongoing CPC training as a necessary evil. Periodic CPC training is simply not value for money. So how could the course be altered to provide value for money while at the same time making our roads a safer place for all road users.

One driver, Stan who has been driving HGV class 1 vehicles since leaving the army told me he thought the course should focus on first aid. Stan was quite specific, he told me good quality first aid training could save lives. Stan explains ‘‘I was first on the scene of a nasty accident just 2 years ago and my first aid training let me deal with the situation I found myself in’’. Stan was working night-shift and saw the car ahead leave the road and go off into the trees. There were 3 seriously injured people and the police told Stan later that his actions saved lives that night. Stan learned his first aid in the army. I worked with Stan at Parkside Logistics in Birtley and have had similar experiences also working night shift.

I have been first on the scene of two accidents just 2 years apart. I was lucky as I only had to contend with minor injuries and shock. It was horrible, both accidents were on main roads but during the quietest time of day. I don’t know how I would have coped if anyone had been seriously injured or trapped. It was very traumatic just the same. My heart sank as I approached the vehicles expecting the worst. I still cry when I think back to it. According to H.S.E. the first people on the scene of an RTA are quite likely to be commercial drivers especially during the quite night hours.

Unite, the union, also have many misgivings about periodic CPC training. Unite has petitioned the government very strongly on this issue. Ray Sanderson, regional officer for Unite says ‘The CPC is a contentious issue as many drivers just don’t see it’s value. The sector has debated this at length and the view is that it does need a review and we have petitioned government very hard on this.’’

Ray outlined Unites demands.

To make the CPC more relevant to the job the driver does, not just generic topics.

There should be no repeating of modules.

Modules should be done on an annual basis rather than wait until the end of the 5 year period and cram all 5 in.

The CPC should move to a more accredited format rather than just participation. We don’t prescribe a test or pass and fail but some form of measurement of understanding and feedback.

The CPC is a vocational standard and as such should be conducted in working time and recorded as such. Employers should also cover the actual cost of the training. In the vast majority of Unite organised companies this is already the case.

Periodic training may also be the final straw for many drivers. I left the industry in February rather than pay for the CPC which was due. There was always the worry that I would be first on the scene of an RTA again too. The worry that I might not cope next time. First aid training not only saves lives but would go a long way to save an untrained person from later feeling guilty when they reflect back on what they should have done rather than what they actually did do. Given a choice between CPC or First Aid I know what I would choose.

By Pollyanne

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