I had a Dream

2nd June 2022. 3am.

I just had a dream, one of those daft dreams that we see in symbols. Dreams are a fascinating subject. I think they come from deep in our psyche. Sometimes, very rarely, we have dreams of actual events, I had one about 6 years ago in which I cleaned the cupboard I was planning to clean out. I spent all night doing it in my dream and when I awoke I rushed downstairs to see if I had actually cleaned it out. I don’t know, I hoped it was some kind of sleepwalking cupboard cleaning thing. I was so very disappointed when I found it had not been touched. I still haven’t done it. I’m too scared to clean it at all now. As long as the event stays in the future it must mean I will stay fit enough to clean cupboards. If I do actually clean it I could keel over any time afterwards!

Anyway, tonight’s dream. All the images were symbolic so I felt the huge machine or engine with it’s metal cylinders arranged in a circle with me standing in the middle of it all represented the regime or the Job Centre. It didn’t look much like an engine but I got the impression the machine was something to do with Germany or that the man who was tending the engine was German. I could sense immense power although the machine was not like an ordinary machine, it didn’t make a noise, but there was huge amounts of power associated with it. It was both running and not running. I got the impression the machine was continually updated and looked after constantly.

I didn’t know why it was located in a usually private place not open to the public although there were visitors up on the gantry in a huddled group looking down on everything. I had gone into the building through an ordinary looking fire escape style door that was open but usually padlocked shut, I saw the chain and padlock hanging from the dark open door. The machine was just inside. I had the feeling it was a scary thing with a lurking malevolent power. The cylinder heads were of a smooth dull, rather than shiny, steel.

I recognised the building, in real life it is on a small industrial estate and I know there are Power Presses in there. They make washers for Ford Component’s of Tyne Dock, or used to, It’s a local firm not the big American car making one.

Anyway. There was a small group of men above and to the right on a high walkway who were on a visit perhaps. I think there were four of them, might have been five, all dressed in black and with darkness around them. I could make a photofit picture of one of them and will recognise him if I see him again.

They were not in harmony with each other. They didn’t look very happy, all dressed in very dark formal business clothes. All looking down on the machine with the man who belonged to the machine to their left. I heard the number of cylinders was 12 but I heard other numbers. The people up above were saying different numbers, raising their voices, shouting or perhaps discussing something in loud frantic voices, arguing but I couldn’t make out any of the words. Definitely not in harmony with each other but I got the impression they knew each other and were part of some professional group. Associates and not friends. I tried to count the cylinders but couldn’t see all the way round even though I was on the ground in the middle of the machine. I lost count because of the group of men above shouting different numbers and all talking at once. I got the impression they had to do something but didn’t want to do whatever it was out of extreme fear.

I’m starting to forget the dream now. I wrote in my diary that something connected with this dream happens around the last week of September or the first week of October. I just felt it might be when we get rid of our regime or I become free of the Job Centre. Either a General Election or I start earning a living again. Probably just wishful thinking. It’s definitely something to do with Government and power, well not definitely, just a feeling I had in fact lol.

The different numbers I heard must be significant and allude to more than one thing which is why I couldn’t see all of the cylinders maybe, or perhaps, because I couldn’t see all the way round the circle it means whatever it all means is in the future and some of the numbers are weeks to come. I can’t think why Germany or the German man in charge of the engine is significant. Weird or what lol. xx

Author: Polly

I bought this little bit of Internet space on the spur of the moment. I am a deep thinker and enjoy looking deeper into the reasons and circumstances behind the events we read and hear about in the news. I quite like writing little nonsense articles too just for the fun of it and to keep my ageing brain active. It might be a forlorn hope but worth trying. I have studied Journalism and am now starting out on a new career as a Freelance Journalist and writer. It's very early days but I am persistent and never give up. I enjoy learning just for the sake of learning and will become competent eventually which will build my confidence. I'm neither particularly clever nor quick witted so I have to rely on my own intuition and instinct to keep me right. I'm quite a timid person and still scared of this world even after all this time but I have principles and my own sense of what's right and what's wrong to guide me. What can go wrong lol. No don't answer, I will deal with each disaster as it happens. Just as I always have done. xx

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