Draft introduction of all the proof we need to show the ConLab Fascist Regime for what it is.

A review of the controversial counter-extremism strategy Prevent, published this month, confirmed the need for “placing greater emphasis on tackling ideology and its radicalising effects.

An Education secretary and Home secretary giving advice to schools contrary to the advice given in 2010 Human Rights act of parliament about discrimination is just one piece of evidence. Both politicians recently said teachers should tell parents when a trans child talks to them in confidence. This is a safeguarding breach and the regime advice was given in order to dehumanise Transgender children and mark them out as being different to ‘normal’ children instead of simply children born transgender.

There is no gender ideology, only very vulnerable children who have the God Given Human Right to be the person they are born as and not forced by the regime to conform to a stereotypical child of the gender wrongly stated on their birth certificates.

Dehumanising and oppressing Children because of who they are and using Far Right anti Transgender propaganda which was designed to cause Hate, Fear and ultimaty violence and oppression of LGBTQ+ individuals is nothing short of Nazism.

Any attack on any minority group is an attack on all our Human Rights if ordinary people fail to see it as the propaganda and misinformation campaign it really is. It does lead to violence. Our own ConLab regime is anti minority and definitely fascist. No wonder they spent the last couple of years preparing for insurrection, all the powers are in place now. Declaring a state of emergency is not needed, They have usurped power by stealth. Using Transgender women in the same way Hitlers Nazis used Jews and minorities to rob the German Nation of their rights and Humanity is so plain to see and is the ultimate proof.

I’m just getting started on this. I have a few health problems and can only focus for an hour or so as stress and anxiety builds to the point where my brain gives up and shuts down.

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Author: Polly

I bought this little bit of Internet space on the spur of the moment. I am a deep thinker and enjoy looking deeper into the reasons and circumstances behind the events we read and hear about in the news. I quite like writing little nonsense articles too just for the fun of it and to keep my ageing brain active. It might be a forlorn hope but worth trying. I have studied Journalism and am now starting out on a new career as a Freelance Journalist and writer. It's very early days but I am persistent and never give up. I enjoy learning just for the sake of learning and will become competent eventually which will build my confidence. I have my intuition, principles and my own sense of what's right and what's wrong to guide me. What can go wrong lol. No don't answer, I will deal with each disaster as it happens. Just as I always have done. xx

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