Another garden related tale

This shed came down from the sky during a storm and dismantled itself. Next doors brand new shed which they’d spent all day building the very day before the storm, was taken away by the severe storm force winds at the same time. Amazing coincidence.

I asked my neighbours if they wanted the shed that came from above but they were a bit sick of sheds at the time of asking so I left it where it fell. That was about 3 or 4 years ago. Boring tale but true. Life’s like that. Every cloud has a silver lining they say. This shed must have been from a cloud lined with garden furniture and roofing tiles. Never mind, I’m making use of this fine gift from the Heavens.

Author: Polly

Freelance Researcher/Writer. Researching the nature of Evil, the fabled 'Anti-Christ'. The Politics Of Hate and relationship between the spirit/physical Realm. The truth is not out there, it's within us. In our hearts. xx

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