Fantic Fanny

I retired a couple of years ago (as far as I am concerned lol) and never thought I would get back on two wheels but my boyfriend has scooters and a couple of e-bikes. I had a go on an e-bike and realised you dont have to be super fit to ride one, just have plenty of time to get where you have to go. I bought one and love it. I gave my car away so needed something for long range journeys, I have had bikes in the past and when my boyfriend gave me a Fantic Issimo 50cc c.1978 I fell in love with it.

I have had loads of bikes in the past, Im 65, I enjoyed them all but particularly enjoyed the smaller capacity ones. The only 50cc machine I rode was my dads Garreli when I was young, great fun. My fave was probably a GT185, ideal for commuting. Anyway I love me little Fanny Fantic and am looking forward to tarting her up, she’s only done 2,000 miles. My only fear is, will she start off from a standing start and get up one of the steep hills between my boyfriends and my place. She does a steady 20mph but I have not had to stop on a steep hill yet. xx

WIP Why is there war and chaos in the ‘civilised modern’ world. (It’s that dark side of Human nature again).

Working on this at the moment but feel free to comment on this article so far. Yes I know it’s just a question lol but what are your thoughts on the question itself? xx

Inquiry needed work in progress so just a few thoughts.

Nato/Western powers have been planning war with Iran for a long time, perhaps Israel started the genocide in the hope that it would trigger such a war. I think Western powers know they have lost control of the narrative and their populations will not stand for it as most people are not Nazi supporters.

Thinking ahead, we need a plan for when parliament is finished, perhaps the King will step in and dissolve parliament, service personnel swear allegiance to the crown not parliament and 90% of our population are horrified with the way we are lied to by MSM and both Cons and Lab (CONLAB fascist regime) We all know the reality yet our leaders continue to talk as if they don’t believe reality and just use wishful thinking. They knew this time would come which is why they have spent so long demonising Muslims as well as all other minorities and have given themselves ultimate powers to stamp out insurrection. Thatcher was just the first of a long line of Thatcherites, now both Cons and the official opposition have joined to push forward the final stage of a slow burn coup or rather CIA style regime change which started with the Winter of Discontent.

Another garden related tale

This shed came down from the sky during a storm and dismantled itself. Next doors brand new shed which they’d spent all day building the very day before the storm, was taken away by the severe storm force winds at the same time. Amazing coincidence.

I asked my neighbours if they wanted the shed that came from above but they were a bit sick of sheds at the time of asking so I left it where it fell. That was about 3 or 4 years ago. Boring tale but true. Life’s like that. Every cloud has a silver lining they say. This shed must have been from a cloud lined with garden furniture and roofing tiles. Never mind, I’m making use of this fine gift from the Heavens.

Another partial success, this time with an onion bag

I did intend to use a Sainsbury’s garlic bag but couldn’t find it so had to quickly find something else to hold the camera steady. The garlic bag has re-materialised so I will use it next time. It’s a more cosy fit and finer mesh. I did fix the onion bag problem with a hair thingy right at the end but then the battery ran out of power. Never mind, I know, all this is really boring but it’s true. If you want to buy me a coffee please make it decaff with milk and cream and two sugars, my boyfriend needn’t know haha. Doubt he’d be jealous anyway, he likes free stuff too.Thanks just in case. Well strange things do happen. Far too often in fact, got me not knowing if I’m coming or going. xx

My personal mobility solution(s)

I’m really excited, I don’t need my car except for journeys of more than 10 miles. Once I get my moped garage built I can give my little Penny-Me -Panda to someone who needs her. She’s a canny little runner and does 56 mpg but the tax is a bit much. Never mind, my ancient moped is tax exempt and should do 112 mpg. There are only two or three places I need to visit that are more than 10 miles away so I won’t need to put too many miles on the dear old thing.

Polly-Me-Ongo is my main personal transport vehicle. She’s a peddle assisted e-bike. I’m not too keen taking her out in the rain in case it affects the battery in some way but we have been caught out numerous times already as I live in England where we get all the rain we need, and a bit more sometimes, not complaining though.

Me and Polly have been together for about six months and I know I can get a decent range out of 15-20 pence worth of electrons which take 5 hours to download from the National Grid into the battery. A freshly filled battery in ‘M’ power mode gives us 25 to 30 miles range at a decent average speed of about 13 mph without much effort at all. I’m not tight fisted but am careful haha, so I like to keep her in ‘L’ power mode and just plod along at an average of 7 or 8 mph which extends the range to about 40 miles, might be a bit less depending on the hills and headwinds.

I took Polly on an overnight trip last November in cold weather, very wet too on the return journey the next day. That was a one way journey of 23 miles. There are loads of long steep banks to ride up in the last 10 miles of that journey and I was forced to use ‘H’ power mode after almost running out of gears on the biggest of them, there was still power left when we got there though. Took 2 and bit hours mind, I’m thinking of getting a better, more comfy sprung saddle after that weekend.

Polly is ideal for a ten mile ride if it is a round trip or includes a rest before the return journey. Now that I have a speedometer fitted I know my average journey is between three and seven miles. I have enjoyed every journey too, even the one that included getting blown off by a gale of wind when I stopped at a junction. I have perfected a technique to deal with windy junctions now, I put both feet down and stand up when stopped instead of balancing on tip toes. I do avoid travelling during windy weather though, or plan a sheltered route if there’s no choice and I have to go.

Polly my faithful ONGO e-bike

Never thought I would ever get back onto two wheels again, not at my age, what with me creaky joints and all that old age stuff. ‘Just you wait you’ll see’ me Mam used to say. Sounded like a curse at the time, turns out it was lol. x

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Last Chance for ‘LC’

The old girl needs a refit

8th April 2024

The first thing will be a survey by me and some photo’s taken for the record. ‘LC’ is a 40 odd year old Hunter Europa. A 19 foot fin keeled masthead sloop. Her history is know over the last 10 or 12 years. She was last sailed about 7 years ago and she sailed very well in spite of a very tired suit of sails. I know because I sailed her.

She has a taty, tired looking old mainsail with quite a big roach which makes the sail area bigger than standard, probably been raced many years ago or perhaps the mainsail has lol, it’s probably second hand. I bought LC from someone who was sailing a very nice looking boat of the same type which sported a much newer looking main and roller furling headsail. All the sails need replacing but I will keep the sail number that’s in the club register rather than change the number in the register. Less of a clart on.

I will be fitting a roller furling headsail too. I used to raise the main by standing in the saloon with the companion way hatch cover open. There’s only sitting room in the saloon but with the hatch open and roller furling headsail there would never usually be the need to climb onto the coach roof or go forward of the mast.

Hunter Europa. Start of refit 2024
Last Chance for ‘LC’

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UNITE, my letter to them and their reply

Dear Sharon,

I have had to leave Unite on a matter of principle. I asked three times if Unite was going to continue funding the Labour party which is complicit in the Gaza genocide and you failed to answer. I have to conclude that the Unite leadership have changed their long held views about supporting the Palestinian people and decided to ignore them and the mass murder of ordinary men, women and children. Moreover I think your continuing support for the Labour party which is no longer part of the Labour movement, means that you serve the same masters as the Labour party and never did support the oppressed Palestinian people in the first place. I have experienced this before as a Momentum member. I’m sure you know what I am talking about.

Anyway I stopped my direct debit the other week. I can not support any organisation that supports genocide. I joined a new party of the left called the Transform Party and as a socialist I will be fighting to bring about the conditions throughout the land that will nullify the need for any trade union. You should have been doing that anyway but you enjoy the status quo and posturing rather than actualy wanting to improve life for ordinary people.

Yours sincerely,

Pauline Stoker

Dear Ms Stoker,
Thank you for getting in touch, your concern about union funds going to the Labour Party has been
noted. Apologies for the delay in getting back to you.
Please be advised that our most recent Rules Conference voted against proposals to disaffiliate from the
Labour Party. However, we have made it clear that there will be no blank cheques for Labour.
UNITE’s executive committee have made publicly available the union position regarding the situation in
Gaza, for ease of reference this is attached here: Unite calls for an immediate ceasefire (Fri 3 Nov
I am sorry you have left the union. If you would like to discuss this matter further please let me know.
Yours sincerely,

Josh Berlyne (he/him)
Organiser, Unite the Union

So my conclusion is, All unions are suspect and I assume must be infiltrated by the state in much the same way as American unions were infiltrated (By the MOB who were being run by the CIA I guess).

Pity it took the Gazzan genocide to reveal the hand of Human Kinds only enemy. The dark side of our Human Nature is that enemy and the battlefield is not Gaza or Ukraine but the Armageddon within each of us. Incidentally physical Armageddon is a hilly area somewhere in Israel so I hear. Interesting no. xx

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Unite support genocide

Dear Sharon,

I have had to leave Unite on a matter of principle. I asked three times if Unite was going to continue funding the Labour party which is complicit in the Gaza genocide and you failed to answer.

I have to conclude that the Unite leadership have changed their long held views about supporting the Palestinian people and decided to ignore them and the mass murder of ordinary men, women and children. Moreover I think your continuing support for the Labour party which is no longer part of the Labour movement, means that you serve the same masters as the Labour party and never did support the oppressed Palestinian people in the first place. I have experienced this before as a Momentum member. I’m sure you know what I am talking about.

Anyway I stopped my direct debit the other week. I can not support any organisation that supports genocide. I joined a new party of the left called the Transform Party and as a socialist I will be fighting to bring about the conditions throughout the land that will nullify the need for any trade union. You should have been doing that anyway but you enjoy the status quo and posturing rather than actualy wanting to improve life for ordinary people.

Yours sincerely,

Pauline Stoker

Instructions in how to split T from LGBT By Steph Richards.

I find it strange that people and organisations like Kate Harris from





@runthinkwrite &

@bindelj claim they are from the left, yet seemingly adopt a far-right agenda. Here is an extract from Splitting the T from the LGB. Every year the, American Christian right-wing extremists attend a gathering known as the “Values Voter Summit” (VVS). Organised by the controversial Family Research Council, this networking event invariably takes place over a weekend in September or October – and is attended pretty much by all the right-wing anti-LGBT+ hate groups together with the anti-abortion groups. Sponsors include Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) and The Heritage Foundation, which are closely linked to the UK’s Conservative Party. [check notes: I wrote Splitting the T from the LGB in 2021. It is now 2024 – we should add think tanks like Policy Exchange & Free Speech Union] The 2017 Values Voter Summit was special, though – President Donald Trump addressed the faithful gathering. He was the first President ever to do so. Trump was, without question, the most homophobic, transphobic and anti-Muslim President in modern history. Of course, at the Values Voter Summit, he thanked his election troops for his Presidential victory. But perhaps even though he was the most famous on the conference stage that weekend, he was not the speaker that changed the lives of so many people. Enter one Meg Kilgannon, a long-time advocate against #trans rights who, along with some others – was mooting that the #transgender community could be targeted, having accepted that the battle against #LGB folk (same-sex marriage) had been lost. The #HumanRightsMatter organisation Southern Poverty Law Centre (Hatewatch) reported Kilgannon saying this: “For all its recent success, the LGBT alliance is actually fragile, and the trans activists need the gay rights movement to help legitimise them. In other words, separate trans activists from the gay rights movement, and their agenda becomes much easier to oppose.Trans and gender identity are a tough sell, so focus on gender identity to divide and conquer. For many, gender identity on its own is just a bridge too far. If we separate the T from the alphabet soup, we’ll have more success.” Kilgannon identified a broad coalition of potential allies outside the Christian Right who could confront trans-friendly measures saying: “Explain that gender identity rights only come at the expense of others: women, sexual assault survivors, female athletes forced to compete against men and boys, ethnic minorities who culturally value modesty, economically challenged children who face many barriers to educational success and don’t need another level of chaos in their lives, children with anxiety disorders and the list goes on and on and on.The feminists make eloquent arguments that gender identity really is the ultimate misogyny and the erasure of women. And lesbians in the group are concerned that trans and masculine girls are a form of lesbian eugenics”. SPLC’s Hatewatch report was backed up by another group called “Right Wing Watch“, saying this about Kilgannon’s proposals: “Lesbians in the group are concerned that “transing masculine girls is a form of lesbian eugenics.” Kilgannon’s five-point tactical plan is for community organising: Engage, Educate, Explain, Empower, and Elect. To this day, Kilgannon’s rhetoric is disturbing; recently writing this: “As with any cult, transgenderism has its own set of vocabulary.” For Kilgannon, finding actors to split the T from the LGB was not difficult. A short time earlier, staunch Catholic Kaeley Triller Haver and anti-trans lesbian Miriam Ben-Shalom had co-founded the group “Hands Across The Aisle” with their website saying: For the first time, women from across the political spectrum have come together to challenge the notion that gender is the same as sex. We are radical feminists, lesbians, Christians and conservatives that are tabling our ideological differences to stand in solidarity against gender identity legislation, which we have come to recognise as the erasure of our own hard-won civil rights. As the Hands Across the Aisle Coalition, we are committed to working together, rising above our differences, and leveraging our collective resources to oppose gender identity ideology. The ‘Hands Across The Aisle’ website (at the time of publication of my article LINK… ) was still “live”. On one page, we find some damning information, though. At the very bottom of the page – the names of both Fair Play for Women and Transgender Trend sit under the title “From The Left” with links to their related websites. Also within the text of their website is the name of one Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull, aka Posie Parker. SPLC Hatewatch also reports that on the same platform as Kilgannon at that VVS conference were Cathy Ruse and Peter Sprigg, both senior fellows at Family Research Council, with Ruse saying this: “Now, what about girls? Did you know that feminists are at odds with the transgender movement? Last year, a prominent feminist published a compendium of articles under the title of Female Erasure.The subtitle is: what do you need to know about gender politics’ war on women, the female sex, and human rights? What is the impact on girls who are bombarded with gender transition messages? In their young minds, do they hear that being female isn’t good enough”? Yes, this was a very long tweet, but it is important society knows why the so-called “gender war” is taking place in the UK and why politicians like

@KemiBadenoch &

@trussliz propagate it and have put their people into organisations like

@EHRC It is not the left wing that targets trans people; it’s the far-right and organisations like the ADF who have offices yards from Downing Street and a massive budget to spend here in the UK funding the trans-hostile organisations under the pretence of protecting “sex-based rights” or “LGB rights” – yes, LGBA you follow the fixed agenda to the letter dont you? The sad truth is some, like

@jk_rowling, apparently are willing to bolster the far-right agenda with extra cash, naive to the fact that these people intend, in time, not only to strip away ALL #LGBT+ #HumanRights but also #womens#abortion rights. Even people like

@millihill appear to be fooled because as much as I disagree with her on so many issues, surely she doesn’t want to empower the far-right and lose #AbortionRights because it will happen if we allow hate to win. And a final word

@jonathanliew was absolutely correct in saying the #parkrun saga originates from the far-right. The whole trans debate does, and it’s a FALSE DEBATE, MANUFACTURED TO SUIT AN AGENDA…..and that’s why folks like


@natachakennedy &

@sally_hines and others keep calling it out. #TransRightsAreHumanRights







@StopFundingHate THE END.

Institutionalised Child Abuse

There doesn’t need to be any interference from government or state. The various acts are clear and there is no problem other than from the Far Right and their media outlets which are providing daily anti Trans (Women) misinformation and propaganda.

There is no question that Transgender children DO exist and are a naturally occurring phenomenon. Trans Children deserve to be treated with the same level of love, respect and inclusion as any other child. Trans Children have the right to live as their true selves and not be seen as a stereotype. Transgender people have always been Trans and there is no lower age limit for recognition.

This consultation is an attack on the Human Rights of the British Nation. The proof is in the fact that there IS NO PROBLEM THAT NEEDS TO BE TACKLED OR CONSULTED UPON. The problem is with the hate groups and bigots who seek to sow division, fear and anger which is harming our children NOW in the real world not some mythical made up scary alternative universe which only exists in the imagination.

The consultation is at

I didn’t get past this question as this is not a real consultation but a propaganda ploy to change the law and yes, ERADICATE Transgender people in the same way the Fascist Thatcher regime did to LGB people all those years ago with clause 28.

Leave a comment if you like. xx

Hate Group LGBA meeting with the UN to try and convince the UN that Transgender women don’t actually exist and should not have the right to live as their true selves.

The original LGBA web site was a carbon copy of an anti Muslim site that I reported to the Net Fuzz. Basically it was their own made up frequently asked questions and their own answers some of them backed up with snippets and headlines from the Daily Mail and other Far Right publications.

After becoming a charity they updated the web site to something a little less obvious, very professional looking in keeping with their elevated status haha. They are still a hate group, just with an added veneer of what they think is respectability.

While I’m on the subject, there was a petition that wanted Parliament to debate ‘what is a woman’. I watched it for months and when it was obvious it would never reach 100,000 I stopped looking. There was only a couple of months to go. Incredibly it actually got 180,000 signatures so will be debated in Parliament. I can’t wait, we shall see where our leaders stand on this totally idiotic made up moral panic. Goodness knows how they got about two thirds of those signatures in less than a third of the time remaining but never mind, it did by some wizardry. x

Draft Human Rights abuse in the UK

Dear Mrs Emma Lewell-Buck MP,
Can I come and chat about Human Rights please, perhaps next month if you are free. I am preparing an article as a Freelance Journalist and writer who is passionate about Human Rights, so would also be very grateful if you could perhaps give me a short statement or quote I could use. I will bring some information about myself too which you can read at your leisure.
 As a Trans Woman myself I can confirm that I have been denied health care for a hormone deficiency as my doctor, Dr Churnside told me she has no expertise in treating ‘someone like me’. I was told a long time ago by an Endocardial Consultant to watch out for the signs and go and see a doctor when any of the symptoms and signs showed themselves. I did go to Doctor Churnside in 2019 but since I am Transgender she said she didn’t have expertise and could only offer Testosterone. 

Some of the outcomes for the deficiency I have are very serious including suppression and eventual total failure of my immune system leading to death. I should have acted sooner but I was already on the waiting list to see the Gender Identity people and was told the list was only 18 to 24 months long so I decided I would just wait. I ring the clinic every year but the waiting time keeps going up by exactly 12 months so I doubt if the list is even real. This is the waiting time for a first appointment, form filling and such like. There is another 2nd appointment with a similar waiting time before being able to see proper doctors for actual medical health care.
When I rang the Gender Clinic this year I asked how many people they actually saw for a first appointment each year. The figures I saw some 5 years ago just don’t add up. Transgender people are far less than 1% of the population. Anyway they told me to put a Freedom of Information request in as they couldn’t release any figures apart from by using that route. They refused to even give a rough figure or even a hint of how many Transgender people are seen for a first appointment each year.
 I have copied a letter from Stonewall below. The government has already told teachers to ‘out’ any child who speaks to them in confidence about their gender identity on at least two occasions. This is putting children at great risk of harm. This fascist regime are monsters riding rough shod over Human Rights, spurred on by Far Right Ultra Conservative misinformation, lies and propaganda in the MSM which they have a tight grip of.
 Below is a plea from Stonewall.

 I am writing to you as your constituent to ask you to stand up for our Equality Act, which has been helping to protect our rights and lives from discrimination since 2010.
 I am alarmed by recent correspondence between Minister for Women and Equalities, the Rt Hon Kemi Badenoch MP, and the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), which suggests that the UK Government is considering amending the definition of sex in the Equality Act to make it easier to exclude trans women from single-sex spaces.
 The changes being discussed are unnecessary. The Equality Act 2010 has been working for over a decade. It already allows single-sex spaces to be provided. The EHRC’s new recommendations promote the exclusion of trans and gender non-conforming people, in particular trans women, from everyday public spaces.

It would open the door to all individuals’ appearances being judged at every turn, whether they are trans or not. From accessing public toilets to going to the gym, this proposal would not benefit cis women either – there is no way that these recommendations would be enforceable, or fair.

The Equality Act’s working definition of sex is ‘legal sex’, and the correspondence suggests this might be changed to ‘biological sex’.

There is no mention of how ‘biological sex’ might be defined, but it is clear that someone’s biological sex can’t simply be judged by their appearance, making the EHRC’s recommendations unworkable in practice.

Changing the Equality Act as the EHRC suggests would also be unfair. No government committed to LGBTQ+ equality should aim to exclude trans people from everyday life. This would represent an appalling rollback in LGBTQ+ rights and make it impossible for trans people and gender non-conforming people to exist without fear.

These actions by the EHRC have drawn widespread criticism already – internally, from UK human rights organisations, and from the international community. This May, the UN Independent Expert on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Victor Madrigal-Borloz issued a statement that called the EHRC’s recent moves “wholly unbecoming” of an institution created to “stand up for those in need of protection”.

More than 138,000 people recently signed a parliamentary petition in support of the Equality Act, due to be debated on 12 June 2023.

As my representative in Parliament, please attend this debate, speak up for our world-class Equality Act, and stand against potential rollbacks on trans people’s rights.
The UK Government should be looking to improve the lives of its LGBTQ+ citizens, rather than needlessly questioning legislation that has been working well for over a decade.
 Yours sincerely,

Here is an article from James at Open Democracy read the article using that link and sign up to their mailing list to keep yourself informed. Open Democracy is not for profit and is an international publication (I think). I have copied the article below but there are no working hyperlinks. Please bare in mind that the Hungarian fascist regime is working to the same template the UK, Russian and USA regimes are using.

How trans people became Hungary’s latest target

by  Blanka Vay

In Hungary, we want trans visibility. But not the kind that the Hungarian parliament imposed on us in 2020 when it banned legal gender recognition for trans and intersex people. Instead of erasing trans people – as the government originally intended – we have been forced to come out.

The new law replaced the term “sex” with “sex assigned at birth” in the Civil Registry Document, which is the basis for all legal documents in Hungary, making it impossible for trans and intersex people to change their documents in alignment with their name and gender identity. It was the first law passed during the Covid-19 pandemic after the government granted itself ‘extra rights’ to “react to the catastrophic situation” – despite the Hungarian constitution considering gender recognition a fundamental right.

This February, Hungary’s constitutional court issued a ruling that blocks new applications from transgender people for legal gender recognition (applications from before 29 May 2020 are still valid). In the UK, the Equality and Human Rights Commission proposed a similar move to redefine ‘sex’ as ‘biological sex’, in a letter to the government in April.

The law change has made those of us in Hungary with ID that doesn’t match our gender walking targets for hatred and harassment. Our freedom to choose to whom and how we come out as trans people has been removed.

There’s nowhere to turn because our legal names are everywhere – in schools, banks, workplaces and other public institutions, on identity cards and travel documents.

We’re out, and not always proud. Sometimes we’re out and embarrassed, out and ashamed, out and angry, or out, silently crying, and endlessly tired.

As one of the organisers of the Prizma Community (a support network for Hungarian trans and intersex people), I know impoverished students who refuse to buy discounted student metro tickets because they’d have to show their ID – and therefore their trans status – risking harassment on the subway. Out of concern for their own safety, they buy tickets that are more expensive but anonymous.

Great minds with useful university degrees work as pizza delivery drivers, because there they are accepted, and they have lost all courage to try, yet again, to find a job in a transphobic world with the wrong ID.

A trans woman I met in Debrecen, Hungary’s second largest city, told me that many trans women in the country have engaged in prostitution because they’re fearful of being attacked in the regular job market.

This was echoed by a Roma trans girl, who told me: “I’m forced to sell my body, to give control to aggressive perverts. Because I have to pay for my room, food and medical transition. It’s eating up my soul.”

She added: “Telling me ‘It’s just sex work, like a normal job’, feels like a slap in my face, a cynical insult – in the best case, it’s hellish stupidity.”

Transphobic legislation

One of the problems of a right-wing populist kleptocracy is that it will always have imaginary enemies to fight. After years of targeting migrants, the new imaginary enemy is the so-called ‘LGBTQ lobby’ and trans people.

In fact, the Hungarian government under prime minister Viktor Orbán and his ruling right-wing Fidesz party have a history of rolling out openly homophobic and transphobic bills.

Just last month, the government passed a bill calling on citizens to report ‘rainbow families’ – including same-sex parents and parents who respect their child’s trans identity – to authorities. Weeks before this latest bill, more than a dozen EU countries, including France and Germany, backed legal action brought by the European Commission at the European Court of Justice against Hungary over its anti-LGBTIQ laws, including one that effectively bans same-sex couples from adopting children, passed in December 2020.

Also in 2020, the government rewrote the country’s constitution (the Fundamental Law) to say: “Hungary shall protect the right of children to their identity in line with their sex at birth, and shall ensure an upbringing in accordance with the values based on our homeland’s constitutional identity and Christian culture.”

The following year, they launched a Russian-style hate campaign to ban LGBTQ-themed education in schools. In Orbán’s own words: “We are very tolerant, but there is a red line, not to cross: stay away from our children.”

The national media authority, whose president was nominated by Orbán, even investigated a Netflix cartoon because it contained a lesbian kiss. It found the cartoon had broken the law, and reported it to the authorities in the Netherlands, where Netflix’s European branch is based.

There are calls from politicians and the media to ‘protect’ children from so-called trans lobbies – yet they are silent on children in Hungary going to school hungry, or the country’s lack of teachers, or the fact children aren’t allowed to wear coats in cold classrooms in winter.

It is also forbidden to sell books that “do not represent traditional sexuality and gender roles” within 200 metres of schools and churches. Technically, this means that most plays by Shakespeare, as well as the Bible, should be banned because the description is not only foolish and evil but also vague. As a result, bookshops are wary and prefer to err on the side of censorship.

A few weeks ago, Hungary’s president Katalin Novák (a perfect example of gender-washing) pardoned and released from prison an infamous far-right activist, who had been convicted of terrorism. He and his friends often attacked LGBTQ events.

While the government actively pursues a severe misogynist agenda, vocal and influential left-leaning media outlets are busy criticising ‘transgenderism’ with ill-informed fears about trans people supposedly threatening the rights of women.

The government doesn’t always get its own way. In 2022, its homophobic referendum, which conflated homosexuality with paedophilia, backfired spectacularly when 1.6 million people – around 20% of registered voters – spoiled their ballots following a campaign by human rights groups. The referendum was declared invalid, with fewer than 50% of eligible voters casting valid ballots.

It’s a crucial reminder that good people are everywhere. The problem is that they are certainly not in power in Hungary.

As a trans person, it’s not easy to be a battleground in the culture wars between different left and right political groups. We have to live our lives carefully and cautiously. That’s not in our interest, I can tell you.

draft dream

I remember writing this early one morning and I can remember the dreams too. Amazing. Anyway they might be of interest to someone a bit ‘odd’ like me so I might as well make them public. No body looks at this blog thingy anyway haha.
I had several dreams and wrote them down when I awoke.

The weather was nice and warm throughout all the dreams but did rain heavily in one dream when an ethnic Asian small band with drum being the main instrument went past. They were playing an upbeat tune and the drum rhythm sounded very good and deep. It was a happy affair and everyone was enjoying the atmosphere in the park. The rain came but was warm and didn’t dampen spirits.

The first dream was of a factory closing down then the pub and chip shop closed and then all the shops. I was on a train next. facing backwards, I thought the train was going far too fast and it was rocking and scary. A voice said it’s alright several times and it was, nothing happened, the train slowed down when it got to the bridge over the river,

The next dream had sailing boats and an old steam and sail ship which were all sailing very well in a good warm breeze. They were sailing fast down the river which was out of sight behind the houses but you could see the tall masts as they sailed down towards the sea behind Tyne dock houses but they seemed to be going up river. They cant have been because me and my 70s family got a taxi down to the South Marine park and just managed to see one or two.

The taxi went very fast and flew down the park steps like it was in San Fran going down the road in dirty harry. It was a scary journey but nothing happened until we got to the park and family got out leaving me to pay. The taxi driver disappeared down a hole to the toilet for a poo or so he said, and I had to wait for ages. There was some confusion and I heard arguments. A younger man showed me a payment card machine and it was £3.68 but after paying I asked for a receipt and it had really cost over £68. I didn’t understand why it had cost so much.

The last dream was where I was in the clinic having tests of some sort. I had a big pimple or skin tag on my back and it was a small willy. There was another willy growing out of my right side. I was not impressed especially when The photos came back, might have been xrays! I thought they were too expensive and didn’t want to pay. This dream felt different to the others. Might mean 3 more years to a first appointment and the worry that Stephen might go off me because of me being a transgender woman. I feel under constant attack from propaganda, hate and stupidity of people generally. I’m so glad I have Stephen. We are true life partners and love each other very much. He doesn’t care that I am ‘different’ and doesn’t worry about the physical things about me that I worry about. I just want to please him and actually I do but my own mind is working against me more than ever. I know why, it’s the old self hate I have carried around since I was about 13 and started to change physically and there was no way back. I wouldn’t use deodorant or anything so feminine as a self punishment. Wishing I had never been born turned to wishing I was dead at that point. I remember that very moment standing in the bathroom after being forced to have a wash and use the none scented deodorant, I had refused to use the nice smelling one. I had been stinking the house out but didn’t care, I wished I was dead. I think I started to resent mam at that point too although I still loved her. I have been feeling unworthy just lately because of my body being a travesty and it is affecting our love life as I am so ashamed of my physical form and just want to be ordinary. I feel guilty that I am only 99.9% female physically but that tiny bit that’s not physically female is being used by the anti Christ to attack me spiritually through his/its disciples of hate.

The travelling dreams mean I am moving in the right direction but am scared because things are moving quickly now and everything is new. A voice said it would be alright at least 3 times when on the train and everything was alright. I wasn’t driving or I would have been more careful, I couldn’t have gone so fast down the stairs of the park if it was me driving. I didn’t trust the taxi driver and his side kick(who appeared later). I think they were established political figures and those with fixed dogmatic views but who were capable and in charge so were able to get things done. They got me to my destination but ripped me off although they had some kind of explanation. The argument I heard meant they had a different agenda and are not to be trusted in the end. Might be Socialist Labour, Galloway and Chris Williamson.

All the sailing boats sailed well and looked great. The mixed old and dirty steam and sailing ship which was the biggest, went faster than I thought it could and looked magnificent. It could be the old Labour party making a comeback but Breakthrough is the old Labour party/movement so it represents socialism. She was unstoppable as she sailed the river behind the old houses. She made it to the sea quicker than anyone could keep up.

Draft introduction of all the proof we need to show the ConLab Fascist Regime for what it is.

A review of the controversial counter-extremism strategy Prevent, published this month, confirmed the need for “placing greater emphasis on tackling ideology and its radicalising effects.

An Education secretary and Home secretary giving advice to schools contrary to the advice given in 2010 Human Rights act of parliament about discrimination is just one piece of evidence. Both politicians recently said teachers should tell parents when a trans child talks to them in confidence. This is a safeguarding breach and the regime advice was given in order to dehumanise Transgender children and mark them out as being different to ‘normal’ children instead of simply children born transgender.

There is no gender ideology, only very vulnerable children who have the God Given Human Right to be the person they are born as and not forced by the regime to conform to a stereotypical child of the gender wrongly stated on their birth certificates.

Dehumanising and oppressing Children because of who they are and using Far Right anti Transgender propaganda which was designed to cause Hate, Fear and ultimaty violence and oppression of LGBTQ+ individuals is nothing short of Nazism.

Any attack on any minority group is an attack on all our Human Rights if ordinary people fail to see it as the propaganda and misinformation campaign it really is. It does lead to violence. Our own ConLab regime is anti minority and definitely fascist. No wonder they spent the last couple of years preparing for insurrection, all the powers are in place now. Declaring a state of emergency is not needed, They have usurped power by stealth. Using Transgender women in the same way Hitlers Nazis used Jews and minorities to rob the German Nation of their rights and Humanity is so plain to see and is the ultimate proof.

I’m just getting started on this. I have a few health problems and can only focus for an hour or so as stress and anxiety builds to the point where my brain gives up and shuts down.

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