Blackhall Beach Haul

I have a habit of collecting interesting things I come across if it is lawful and I won’t be depriving the environment of something rare that another person might appreciate seeing and wondering about. I already have a collection of beautiful interesting objects taken from some of the places I have enjoyed visiting. Just samples really, I like to hold the object and remember the time and place, thoughts, mood and occasion when I first considered the artefact as it was when it first caught my eye.

Bits of broken pot, porcelain and glass containers more than likely went down with one of the thousands of ships that have been wrecked by storm, war or disaster in the waters just offshore. The bare bones and bits and pieces of thousands of ships and seafarers are bound to be washed up eventually. Some of my collected artefacts are quite likely Roman (I think). Some of my lovely pebbles and stones have come from as far as the West Coast of Scotland and are millions of years old. Carried to the North East Coast of England by glacier.

I was more than likely the first person on Earth to pick those pebbles up, the first to see them in fact. Not many people have ever actually looked at any of those billions of pebbles on the sea shore I fancy. What people see when they look along the shore is the sand, pebbles, seaweed and rubbish, never a pebble except for a fleeting moment so small as to barely register. xx

My boyfriend found the marble on the left at the waters edge and gave it to me. I found the one on the right 20 yards away being carried by a small wave and grabbed it to give to my best friend.

I keep mine in my purse and have made it a special item of personal treasure. A reminder of a lovely day and a treasured memory. xx

Sea Glass Marbles

I always knew he was out there somewhere and we would eventually meet.

I’m so glad I am the sort of person who can enjoy a book or film many times over and still feel the same feelings as I felt the first time around but with a much greater appreciation and understanding of the plot.

Each new day is a bit like that. Life is what we make it, what we feel in our hearts is all that matters. Love is true life. xx

Crimdon Sea Smoke

10th December, very cold sea shore walk along Crimdon Beach. There was frost on the sand and what looked like misty smoke coming off the sea and hanging over the waves for as far as the eye could see. Wild natural beauty, bloody well cold though. Me fingers were numb. My boyfriend told me I should be the one to wear our gloves as I was going to take some photo’s. He would keep his hands in his pockets. I’ll get him a pair of gloves soon. x

I got the gloves to wear.

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