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16th February 2023 FIRST DRAFT

Logic v intuition

Some rather random thoughts about it all

How the Anti-Christ masquerades as the Christ and piggybacks like a virus on the back of religion. Love is true life, not what religions preach is it. Jesus himself said Love is True Life yet religions associated with him have an obvious problem with LGBTQ+ people and minorities, Jesus didn’t have any problem with any None conformists. Hate preachers use logic to prove that Christ hates Gays for instance but Love Is True Life and comes from Creation itself.

The Anti Christ is revealed as who/what it really is. Love is True Life. The opposite of Love Is Hate. Spreaders of hate, fear and division are Evil servants of the Anti Christ. Evil because they work towards preventing True Life by doing the Anti Christ’s will. The Anti Christ belongs to and is this Earthly Realm and service to the Anti Christ is rewarded in this realm. This physical realm belongs to the Anti Christ who wants to hold us in the physical realm. Love is true life and belongs to the spirit which is eternal with no beginning and no end. We all come from the spirit which is creation but we evolve as individuals in the physical realm.

The purpose of creation is Evolution. We see and can measure evolution in the physical realm. The physical and spirit mirror each other. Logic is to the physical what Intuition is to the spirit. Logic and intuition mirror each other. Logic is the force at work when the Anti Christ uses deception to drown out our own sense of what’s right and what’s wrong which is intuition and belongs to the spirit. The purpose of Anti Christ and Christ is to give us choice because as individuals we each create our own destiny. All that belongs to the Anti Christ belongs to the physical realm. Our true place is not this physical realm. The gift of life can only be accepted by leaving behind all that belongs to the physical realm.

If you don’t like this world it’s not surprising. I don’t think this world is here to be enjoyed but rather to force us to evolve. The good news is, because of how time and space work in the physical realm there is nothing to worry about. Everything that ever did happen and everything that will happen are happening in the same time and space. This Earthly realm is not what it seems, more like an illusion in fact.

We are eternal so follow your intuition, forget logic. Let go of the past, it makes us who we are in the present but is not who we are. Let go hate, it belongs to this world and nothing can leave this world except when spirit evolves into true life and away from this Earthly one. Don’t bother amassing wealth or get too attached to physical stuff. At the end of life it is the Earth that passes away from us and everything with it. Love is true life and all our loved ones and the things we love do not pass away from us. The true life is as real as this one seems but none of the stuff you don’t like in this life comes with you. Life is literally what you make it.

The whole of Creation is within each of us, it’s not out there but in our hearts and minds. Hearts are spirit and mirror our minds which are physical (Minds can be altered by logic or drugs. Hearts can be broken and made to ache)

Creation is really simple to understand but nigh on impossible to explain using language. It is easier to explain using music and poetry which are ‘things of the soul’

Anyway it is explained in The Book Of Genesis although the book is a supernatural thing so can’t be read in the same way as a novel is read.

Logic belongs to the physical realm but Intuition belongs to the Spirit is what I meant to say haha.

Author: Polly

Freelance Researcher/Writer. Researching the nature of Evil, the fabled 'Anti-Christ'. The Politics Of Hate and relationship between the spirit/physical Realm. The truth is not out there, it's within us. In our hearts. xx

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