Inquiry needed work in progress so just a few thoughts.

Nato/Western powers have been planning war with Iran for a long time, perhaps Israel started the genocide in the hope that it would trigger such a war. I think Western powers know they have lost control of the narrative and their populations will not stand for it as most people are not Nazi supporters.

Thinking ahead, we need a plan for when parliament is finished, perhaps the King will step in and dissolve parliament, service personnel swear allegiance to the crown not parliament and 90% of our population are horrified with the way we are lied to by MSM and both Cons and Lab (CONLAB fascist regime) We all know the reality yet our leaders continue to talk as if they don’t believe reality and just use wishful thinking. They knew this time would come which is why they have spent so long demonising Muslims as well as all other minorities and have given themselves ultimate powers to stamp out insurrection. Thatcher was just the first of a long line of Thatcherites, now both Cons and the official opposition have joined to push forward the final stage of a slow burn coup or rather CIA style regime change which started with the Winter of Discontent.

Author: Polly

Freelance Researcher/Writer. Researching the nature of Evil, the fabled 'Anti-Christ'. The Politics Of Hate and relationship between the spirit/physical Realm. The truth is not out there, it's within us. In our hearts. xx

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