Last Chance for ‘LC’

The old girl needs a refit

8th April 2024

The first thing will be a survey by me and some photo’s taken for the record. ‘LC’ is a 40 odd year old Hunter Europa. A 19 foot fin keeled masthead sloop. Her history is know over the last 10 or 12 years. She was last sailed about 7 years ago and she sailed very well in spite of a very tired suit of sails. I know because I sailed her.

She has a taty, tired looking old mainsail with quite a big roach which makes the sail area bigger than standard, probably been raced many years ago or perhaps the mainsail has lol, it’s probably second hand. I bought LC from someone who was sailing a very nice looking boat of the same type which sported a much newer looking main and roller furling headsail. All the sails need replacing but I will keep the sail number that’s in the club register rather than change the number in the register. Less of a clart on.

I will be fitting a roller furling headsail too. I used to raise the main by standing in the saloon with the companion way hatch cover open. There’s only sitting room in the saloon but with the hatch open and roller furling headsail there would never usually be the need to climb onto the coach roof or go forward of the mast.

Hunter Europa. Start of refit 2024
Last Chance for ‘LC’

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