Meaning of the Fascist regime slogan ‘We will make work pay’

Hi, Could you forward this letter to Dianne please. It’s to ask for an earlier appointment. Thank you. xx

3 o’clock in the middle of the night, Thursday 19th Jan 2023
Another sleepless night. I can’t switch my mind off. I ended up in Hospital the last time the DWP regime put me through this and ended up on two lots of meds with a sick note from a real doctor telling me I am not fit for work. The Hospital told me my condition was triggered by the enormous pressure being exerted by the Job Centre which caused so much stress and anxiety that I was physically affected.

When I rang NHS 101 for advice that Sunday night they sent a paramedic ahead of an ambulance. After being hooked up to monitors he told me I had to go to Hospital, there was so much electrical activity that my heart rate was 190 beats per minute and very irregular causing me to feel weak, dizzy and about to pass out.

The look on my sons face made me feel I was letting him down, I knew I had worried myself into that state. I didn’t think I would be seeing him again. I am pretty sure the pills are working although here I am now, not able to sleep and with an uneven heart rate again. It feels like it keeps stopping every 3 or 4 beats for ages at a time.

I told the Job Centre I couldn’t go back. Before that Sunday I had been having panic attacks as my ‘Work Coach’ told me how useless I was. My brain shut down and I couldn’t speak, I’m probably on the autistic spectrum but managed to cope somehow in the past by just avoiding any form of confrontation and never arguing. Well I can’t argue anyway, I lose the ability to speak! I have always felt compelled to do exactly what I am told by anyone in authority and when that conflicts with my own sense of what’s right and wrong I think it causes anxiety. It’s like trying to serve two masters. Unfortunately out of work workers can’t avoid the Job Centre regime of dehumanisation, belittling and mental torture that they must be specially trained to deliver. Once my Work Coach found the trigger She picked up each interview where she had left off then started extending the 10 minutes to 20 minutes because she wasn’t satisfied with my lack of ‘cooperation’.

I get £65 a week help from the state by way of Universal Credit but luckily I also get a Forces Pension of just over £100 a week, they can’t touch that. They have ruined my health for the sake of £65 a week. I am supposed to report to an assessment centre in Sunderland in a few weeks so they can prove I’m fit for work and the doctor/Hospital consultant are incompetent liars. I don’t know how I will cope, it’s not worth risking being put in Hospital again.

The appointment is on 2nd February. I didn’t ask for an assessment and have never said I can’t work, just that I am not prepared to look for work I have no chance of finding. I don’t have any experience in any of the things I have done in the past. I can work as a writer and researcher though and as you know I am working on a voluntary basis and have been booked in for a Pod Casting course run by the BBC and I will be contributing to community radio broadcasts. I have also accepted the role of Equalities Officer for the North East region (The Breakthrough Party). I am also writing books and articles which will eventually set me free from the oppressive and dehumanising regime of the Job Centre.

Could you bring our next appointment forward please Dianne, perhaps next Tuesday, so you can advise me. I’m worried sick. As you know my son helps out and says he wants to do more and that I should just stop taking the regimes money. He worries about what the regime does to unemployed and disabled people. We both thought I would die that last time and the pills don’t help under certain circumstances.

Well fancy that.
it’s Monday 23rd Jan 2023 and I’ve been to the Sunderland assessment centre with a friend who asked me to go with her for support where I found the Nurse Practitioner was a real properly trained Nurse. He was really nice and seemed genuine. He said his job was to just gather a little information about the medical condition and not to assess anyone, The Job Centre regime does that.

My friend has been suffering from low mood, stress and anxiety and has a sick note but has also been harassed by the Job Centre who said she had to fulfil all of her commitments sick note or not or there would be ‘consequences’. The JC told her the sick note meant nothing!

The Nurse Practitioner was disgusted and said they shouldn’t be doing that. The problem is they do do that and it’s deliberate. I wonder how many people are too scared to go for their assessment. My friend wouldn’t have gone if I hadn’t talked her into it and actually went with her. She almost chickened out and it took a good ten minutes to calm her down and get her through the door when we got there.

90% of people who are sent for an assessment are sick with their nerves the Nurse Practitioner told me. Pills are not a magic bullet and can take a couple of months to start working. When a doctor says someone is not fit for work they are not guessing, there is science and training involved. The only reason anyone is sent for assessment is to create fear and worry in their victims. The Job Centre regime of constant harassment and oppression is itself making people ill. It’s an attack on Human Rights which is designed to act as a warning to others not to risk becoming unemployed. In other words ‘Your job might involve long hours, low pay and humiliation and ill treatment by your employer but your crappy job is better than being on the Dole. This is the true meaning of the fascist slogan ‘WE WILL MAKE WORK PAY’

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Complaint to IPSO

Does the SNP really want to copy Norway’s gender revolution?

The Spectator, Debbie Hayton 16th February 2021

The article strongly suggests that Transgender women are really men and that they are a physical danger to other women.

The proof they use comes from an anonymous Norwegian source and is as follows

‘She told me that between 2015 and 2017, the number of women reported for rape increased by over 300 per cent. But, since it is impossible to disentangle transwomen from women in the data, Norwegian women now face the indignity of being blamed for the crimes of those born men.’
(Transgender women have never been men. They were born female and are women!) I wrote that bit later. It is easy to understand why some people hear the conspiracy theory and tend to believe the misinformation but unforgivable for MSM and politicians who are able to avail themselves of the truth to pretend the Conspiracy theory is based in fact because it suits their own cause.

The article also reinforces negative stereotypes of Transgender Women (Transwomen in the article). The U.N. have recently warned the Scottish Government to beware of the very anti Transgender/anti Human Rights propaganda being touted by MSM. I believe this article in The Spectator to be such propaganda and is designed to perpetuate hatred and fear of Transgender Women. The proof that ‘Transwomen’ are dangerous sex predators rests in their being no proof available and an assumption that the rise of 300% proves that Transgender Women are a danger to other women.

I have a link to the letter from the U.N. sent to the Scottish Government here.

You will see that the U.N. data from many countries which already allow self identification of gender contradicts the findings of The Spectator and I believe shows the article written by Debbie Hayton to be hate speech.

Please also note that Self Identification is for the purpose of correcting a persons Birth Certificate and does not affect anyone else’s Human Rights nor grant any new rights to anyone other than to allow equality for Transgender people so they can have their real gender recorded on their marriage certificate and death certificates which must match their gender recorded on the birth.

I knew what the outcome would be but really wanted to know how they would word it.

Our reference: 15507-22 ( (The Spectator))

Dear Miss Stoker,

I write further to our earlier email regarding your complaint about an article headlined “Does the SNP really want to copy Norway’s gender revolution?”, published by (The Spectator) on 16 February 2021. 

When IPSO receives a complaint, the Executive staff review it first to decide whether the complaint falls within our remit, and whether it raises a possible breach of the Editors’ Code of Practice. We have read your complaint carefully, and have decided that it does not raise a possible breach of the Editors’ Code.

You said the article was inaccurate in breach of Clause 1 (Accuracy) because it implied transgender women were really men, and encouraged negative stereotypes. The article reported the Norwegian teacher’s views against self-identification. We should note that the Editors’ Code of Practice makes clear the press has the right to be partisan, to give its own opinion and to campaign/to publish individuals’ views, as long as it takes care not to publish inaccurate, misleading or distorted information, and to distinguish between comment, conjecture and fact. In this instance, the opinions reported were clearly presented as comment, and attributed to the individuals responsible for them. We recognised that you disagreed with the opinions and views which were published; however, this did not in itself mean that the article was misleading to report them. Your complaint did not give us reason to consider that the article was misleading, and we did not identify sufficient grounds to investigate a possible breach of Clause 1.

You said that the article breached Clause 12 (Discrimination) because it discriminated against transgender people. Clause 12 is designed to protect specific individuals mentioned by the press from discrimination based on their race, colour, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation or any physical or mental illness or disability. It does not apply to groups or categories of people. Your concern that the article discriminated against transgender people in general did not relate to an individual. We did not identify grounds to investigate a possible breach of Clause 12.

For more information about Clause 12 and how it works, this blog may be of interest.

I should also make clear that the Editors’ Code does not address issues of taste or offence. It is designed to deal with any possible conflicts between the newspapers’ rights to freedom of expression and the rights of individuals, such as their right to privacy. Newspapers and magazines are free to publish what they think is appropriate as long as the rights of individuals – which are protected under the Code – are not infringed on.

Finally, you expressed a concern that this article was inciting hatred. If you believe that the article was inciting hatred, then you may wish to take these concerns to the police. IPSO only considers concerns linked to the Editors’ Code of Practice and cannot offer advice on criminal matters.

You are entitled to request that the Executive’s decision to reject your complaint be reviewed by IPSO’s Complaints Committee. To do so you will need to write to us in the next seven days, setting out the reasons why you believe the decision should be reviewed. Please note that we are unable to accept requests for review made seven days after the date of this email.

We would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to consider the points you have raised, and have shared this correspondence with the newspaper to make it aware of your concerns.

Best wishes,

Alice Gould

Thank you Alice,

Attributing your own quotes to anonymous sources seems a simple enough way of avoiding any breach of the code I suppose. Thank you for taking the time to look into this little matter for me. I have learned a great deal from your reply.

I was only prompted to complain after reading a recent letter from the UN to the Scottish Parliament warning about the dangers of believing MSM anti Transgender propaganda. paragraph 3, but it’s not a new phenomenon. I dare say you had to explain to a lot of complainants that smearing the leader of Her Majesties Loyal Opposition was acceptable for some reason. I don’t think he was a commie, Nazi, Anti Semitic spy who was in the pocket of Putin but obviously it was alright to somehow paint him as such. 

Thank you again,

Yours sincerely 

Pauline Stoker. xx (The Spectator)

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A Handful of Cabbage

I remember my first school dinner. We had to sit still as a massive Sunday dinner was dished up in front of us. Meat, vegetables, roasted tatties, Yorkies. I couldn’t believe it, It was only Monday.

We had to shut our eyes for Grace which took ages. I heard a commotion during Grace and when I opened my eyes I saw my plate was just an untidy pile of cabbage, no meat or Yorkies. My poor 5 year old heart sank. I could see where my food had gone, kids either side had loads of meat, roasted tatties and Yorkies.

The table was a mess and some kids were still thieving from each other. Handfuls of meat and Yorkies grabbed from the plate to their right while the kid to their left was dumping handfuls of unwanted cabbage onto their plates. Chaos and such a disappointment.

I managed to grab some boiled tatties off the table, I love cabbage and was very hungry so was still happy after a fashion. Then I put loads of what I thought was salad cream onto my plate of cabbage and lumps of boiled tattie except it wasn’t salad cream, it was from a dish full of Horse Radish which was untouched in the middle of the table . That was the first and only time I ever made that mistake.

Next day I kept my eyes open during Grace and put the plate on my lap. Kids learn fast when food and survival are threatened, well I did. The teachers all had their eyes shut I noticed. School dinners were the best thing about school for me. That and needlework. I didn’t like any of the rest of it.

Years later, In the 1970’s, I watched a frantic game of Mah-jong being played by professional gamblers and was taken right back to that first ever School meal in the Infants. That game of Mah-Jong took place in the bowls of a ships Chinese laundry in 1976. The players all seemed to be playing at once, there was no stopping to study the tiles or even waiting their turn. Arms, tiles and money flying about and everyone shouting at the same time. The air was so thick with smoke from whatever it was they were all smoking I was surprised they could even see the little pictures on the tiles. My eyes and throat were burning. Anyway that’s another story which ended in tears. xx