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1. Newcastle Labour led council and their latest money making scam. Extra taxes on Commuters, motorists, HGV and LGV delivery vehicles. The availability of modern surveillance systems was too much of a temptation for the council. The bus lane scam a few years ago when the council was forced to pay back approximately one million pounds in illegal fines indicates to me that this fresh air tax is another one of their money making ideas to fleece the motorist under the umbrella excuse (slogan) of ‘its a Green issue, we must protect peoples health‘. I will get some facts, figures and quotes.

2. I am investigating the attitudes of all UK political parties towards ‘The Trans Issue’. Several years of anti LGBTQ+ propaganda in MSM has laid the groundwork for the removal of Transgender peoples Human Rights, the most basic of which is to be allowed the right to be their true selves. To live as themselves without being discriminated against just for being born into a tiny minority group. An attack on the Human Rights of any minority is an attack on all our Human Rights. Hitlers Fascists took away ordinary peoples Human Rights in the 1930’s. They started their campaign by demonising and scapegoating Jews first before extending their campaign of hate to all minorities including workers and eventually all non pure bred Germans.

3. I am investigating how the UK economic immigration system works on the ground. The UK regime has a zero immigration policy by stealth and is targeting the most able and productive workers who are allowed to work and pay taxes for a period of a few years but then are kicked out of the country on technicalities. Foreign born highly skilled and capable workers seem to be classified according to skin colour and their perceived political views. Dark skinned female natives of oppressive regimes such as those countries where women have no rights are more likely to be left wing than right wing for instance. They may become politically active in the future and side with those who actively support minorities Human Rights. White economic immigrants such as Russian natives of the ruling class are favoured. The Windrush affair was only the tip of the iceberg.

4. All the anti immigrant rhetoric of the last few years from both the UK government and His Majesties Loyal Opposition confirm to me that the present Government is nothing short of a fascist collaboration and not fit for purpose. Another indicator is the way Sir Keir Starmer announced at Labour Party Conference that a second Brexit referendum had become Labour policy. Starmer knew that announcement would lose Labour the General election. It had never been Labour policy but unfortunately Jeremy Corbyn was caught on the hop and failed to respond in any kind of assertive meaningful way. I am looking into Blairs New New Labour and the rest of the fascist regime.

20th May 2023
5. I have been ill for weeks and have a lot to do with time running short.
Anyway Human Rights investigations are my top priority now. I have set about taking on the fabled ‘Anti Christ’, sounds dramatic but the Anti Christ is not some dishy Hollywood style Satan. It is the dark side of Human Nature and manifests itself in anyone who invites hate into their hearts.

It is the root cause of war, famine, violence and stupidity. It is the Great Deceiver and uses a form of false patriotism which it turns into an unnamed religion, deception is the key, followers only see the flags and the devotion and the self righteous pride they feel masks their own innate sense of right and wrong which I believe to be sacred. It comes from our true selves, our spirit, and so ultimately from Creation itself.

There will never be a name for this religion, it is older than Human Kind and has always been a major factor in the lives of Human Beings since Humans left the Garden of Eden and became ‘as Gods’ with this knowledge of good and evil. Yet because of the great deception it’s devotees never learn what it is that they worship. They do reap the rewards though. Power on Earth over others, wealth in many cases, a feeling of self righteousness and the knowledge that they are ‘doing good’ except it is all a deception.

The unknown religion is Ultra Conservatism/traditionalism. It is a form of anti evolution of the spirit which dwells in each of us. It is the dogmatic truth we are taught by leaders and religions. It is false patriotism and swearing allegiance to the flag. It is everywhere and is the real Anti Christ. Love is true life. The real truth is within us all, that which makes us ‘as Gods’. The Anti Christ has always ruled over the Earth and is the dark side of Human Nation.

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Author: Polly

Freelance Researcher/Writer. Researching the nature of Evil, the fabled 'Anti-Christ'. The Politics Of Hate and relationship between the spirit/physical Realm. The truth is not out there, it's within us. In our hearts. xx

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