Open letter to a few prominent socialists

Dear xxxxx,

I am disturbed by the fact that both George Galloway and Chris Williamson, whom I have enormous respect for, have sunk to the level of the Far Right and are using the same smear tactics based upon MSM supplied misinformation and propaganda to try and win votes from the SNP.

I am referring to the harnessing of hate and fear of a tiny marginalised and maligned minority who are the much less than 1% of any population who are born Transgender. Transgender women make up about 0.3% of the worlds population. The current MSM campaign of hate against these people is causing real harm to that tiny minority.

Transgender people have always been with us. They are not a danger to anyone nor a safeguarding risk to School Children as at least 2 government ministers have claimed recently. There is no trans ideology only transgender people. Nobody wants to cancel women, what the hell does that even mean? Self identification will never encourage men to dress as women so they can use the Ladies toilet.

Self ID is only for the purpose of correcting the understandable mistake which results in Transgender people having to go through life with a birth certificate which states they are the opposite gender to their actual gender. That official document must be shown to potential employers to prove the right to work so is a very important official document. Transgender people who dare living as their true selves are already targets for bigots. Unemployed Trans Women in particular are already disadvantaged when trying to find a job. Employers who buy into the MSM and official Government narrative of how dangerous Trans Women are, are far less likely to risk hiring ‘one of them

Having the right to have a transgender persons real gender on their own birth certificate is the only purpose of self I.D. What other minority is forced to prove themselves to the state. Do gay people need an expensive nonsensical consultation with a doctor then have to submit evidence to a panel of ‘experts’ to prove they are gay and intend staying gay for the rest of their lives?

Hate groups, generally of the Far Right/Nazi/fascist kind have a vested interest in attacking minorities. Spreading hate, fear and division is a way of creating the kind of adverse public opinion that helps governments and regimes to remove the rights of minorities and workers. It is authoritarian regimes such as our own who have the most to gain from the current moral panic and hatred of Transgender people.

I know George is transphobic and is against Scottish independence. The SNP are for independence and want to protect minorities from rising levels of hate and intimidation of all LGBT people.

As A freelance journalist I am investigating why some who call themselves socialists have decided to embrace the Far Right politics of hate and division.

Can you please tell me in plain language where your socialist party stands on this issue.

Do you believe the MSM narrative? Chucking a few catchy words and phrases into a conspiracy theory, which is what this panic about transgender people is, might make it sound credible but to tell socialists that being transphobic is OK is not acceptable.

I have a little blog at There are a few more of my thoughts and feelings on this and other Human Rights issues on there.

Yours sincerely,


Author: Polly

I bought this little bit of Internet space on the spur of the moment. I am a deep thinker and enjoy looking deeper into the reasons and circumstances behind the events we read and hear about in the news. I quite like writing little nonsense articles too just for the fun of it and to keep my ageing brain active. It might be a forlorn hope but worth trying. I have studied Journalism and am now starting out on a new career as a Freelance Journalist and writer. It's very early days but I am persistent and never give up. I enjoy learning just for the sake of learning and will become competent eventually which will build my confidence. I have my intuition, principles and my own sense of what's right and what's wrong to guide me. What can go wrong lol. No don't answer, I will deal with each disaster as it happens. Just as I always have done. xx

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