Instructions in how to split T from LGBT By Steph Richards.

I find it strange that people and organisations like Kate Harris from





@runthinkwrite &

@bindelj claim they are from the left, yet seemingly adopt a far-right agenda. Here is an extract from Splitting the T from the LGB. Every year the, American Christian right-wing extremists attend a gathering known as the “Values Voter Summit” (VVS). Organised by the controversial Family Research Council, this networking event invariably takes place over a weekend in September or October – and is attended pretty much by all the right-wing anti-LGBT+ hate groups together with the anti-abortion groups. Sponsors include Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) and The Heritage Foundation, which are closely linked to the UK’s Conservative Party. [check notes: I wrote Splitting the T from the LGB in 2021. It is now 2024 – we should add think tanks like Policy Exchange & Free Speech Union] The 2017 Values Voter Summit was special, though – President Donald Trump addressed the faithful gathering. He was the first President ever to do so. Trump was, without question, the most homophobic, transphobic and anti-Muslim President in modern history. Of course, at the Values Voter Summit, he thanked his election troops for his Presidential victory. But perhaps even though he was the most famous on the conference stage that weekend, he was not the speaker that changed the lives of so many people. Enter one Meg Kilgannon, a long-time advocate against #trans rights who, along with some others – was mooting that the #transgender community could be targeted, having accepted that the battle against #LGB folk (same-sex marriage) had been lost. The #HumanRightsMatter organisation Southern Poverty Law Centre (Hatewatch) reported Kilgannon saying this: “For all its recent success, the LGBT alliance is actually fragile, and the trans activists need the gay rights movement to help legitimise them. In other words, separate trans activists from the gay rights movement, and their agenda becomes much easier to oppose.Trans and gender identity are a tough sell, so focus on gender identity to divide and conquer. For many, gender identity on its own is just a bridge too far. If we separate the T from the alphabet soup, we’ll have more success.” Kilgannon identified a broad coalition of potential allies outside the Christian Right who could confront trans-friendly measures saying: “Explain that gender identity rights only come at the expense of others: women, sexual assault survivors, female athletes forced to compete against men and boys, ethnic minorities who culturally value modesty, economically challenged children who face many barriers to educational success and don’t need another level of chaos in their lives, children with anxiety disorders and the list goes on and on and on.The feminists make eloquent arguments that gender identity really is the ultimate misogyny and the erasure of women. And lesbians in the group are concerned that trans and masculine girls are a form of lesbian eugenics”. SPLC’s Hatewatch report was backed up by another group called “Right Wing Watch“, saying this about Kilgannon’s proposals: “Lesbians in the group are concerned that “transing masculine girls is a form of lesbian eugenics.” Kilgannon’s five-point tactical plan is for community organising: Engage, Educate, Explain, Empower, and Elect. To this day, Kilgannon’s rhetoric is disturbing; recently writing this: “As with any cult, transgenderism has its own set of vocabulary.” For Kilgannon, finding actors to split the T from the LGB was not difficult. A short time earlier, staunch Catholic Kaeley Triller Haver and anti-trans lesbian Miriam Ben-Shalom had co-founded the group “Hands Across The Aisle” with their website saying: For the first time, women from across the political spectrum have come together to challenge the notion that gender is the same as sex. We are radical feminists, lesbians, Christians and conservatives that are tabling our ideological differences to stand in solidarity against gender identity legislation, which we have come to recognise as the erasure of our own hard-won civil rights. As the Hands Across the Aisle Coalition, we are committed to working together, rising above our differences, and leveraging our collective resources to oppose gender identity ideology. The ‘Hands Across The Aisle’ website (at the time of publication of my article LINK… ) was still “live”. On one page, we find some damning information, though. At the very bottom of the page – the names of both Fair Play for Women and Transgender Trend sit under the title “From The Left” with links to their related websites. Also within the text of their website is the name of one Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull, aka Posie Parker. SPLC Hatewatch also reports that on the same platform as Kilgannon at that VVS conference were Cathy Ruse and Peter Sprigg, both senior fellows at Family Research Council, with Ruse saying this: “Now, what about girls? Did you know that feminists are at odds with the transgender movement? Last year, a prominent feminist published a compendium of articles under the title of Female Erasure.The subtitle is: what do you need to know about gender politics’ war on women, the female sex, and human rights? What is the impact on girls who are bombarded with gender transition messages? In their young minds, do they hear that being female isn’t good enough”? Yes, this was a very long tweet, but it is important society knows why the so-called “gender war” is taking place in the UK and why politicians like

@KemiBadenoch &

@trussliz propagate it and have put their people into organisations like

@EHRC It is not the left wing that targets trans people; it’s the far-right and organisations like the ADF who have offices yards from Downing Street and a massive budget to spend here in the UK funding the trans-hostile organisations under the pretence of protecting “sex-based rights” or “LGB rights” – yes, LGBA you follow the fixed agenda to the letter dont you? The sad truth is some, like

@jk_rowling, apparently are willing to bolster the far-right agenda with extra cash, naive to the fact that these people intend, in time, not only to strip away ALL #LGBT+ #HumanRights but also #womens#abortion rights. Even people like

@millihill appear to be fooled because as much as I disagree with her on so many issues, surely she doesn’t want to empower the far-right and lose #AbortionRights because it will happen if we allow hate to win. And a final word

@jonathanliew was absolutely correct in saying the #parkrun saga originates from the far-right. The whole trans debate does, and it’s a FALSE DEBATE, MANUFACTURED TO SUIT AN AGENDA…..and that’s why folks like


@natachakennedy &

@sally_hines and others keep calling it out. #TransRightsAreHumanRights







@StopFundingHate THE END.

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