Fantic Fanny

I retired a couple of years ago (as far as I am concerned lol) and never thought I would get back on two wheels but my boyfriend has scooters and a couple of e-bikes. I had a go on an e-bike and realised you dont have to be super fit to ride one, just have plenty of time to get where you have to go. I bought one and love it. I gave my car away so needed something for long range journeys, I have had bikes in the past and when my boyfriend gave me a Fantic Issimo 50cc c.1978 I fell in love with it.

I have had loads of bikes in the past, Im 65, I enjoyed them all but particularly enjoyed the smaller capacity ones. The only 50cc machine I rode was my dads Garreli when I was young, great fun. My fave was probably a GT185, ideal for commuting. Anyway I love me little Fanny Fantic and am looking forward to tarting her up, she’s only done 2,000 miles. My only fear is, will she start off from a standing start and get up one of the steep hills between my boyfriends and my place. She does a steady 20mph but I have not had to stop on a steep hill yet. xx

Author: Polly

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