Institutionalised Child Abuse

There doesn’t need to be any interference from government or state. The various acts are clear and there is no problem other than from the Far Right and their media outlets which are providing daily anti Trans (Women) misinformation and propaganda.

There is no question that Transgender children DO exist and are a naturally occurring phenomenon. Trans Children deserve to be treated with the same level of love, respect and inclusion as any other child. Trans Children have the right to live as their true selves and not be seen as a stereotype. Transgender people have always been Trans and there is no lower age limit for recognition.

This consultation is an attack on the Human Rights of the British Nation. The proof is in the fact that there IS NO PROBLEM THAT NEEDS TO BE TACKLED OR CONSULTED UPON. The problem is with the hate groups and bigots who seek to sow division, fear and anger which is harming our children NOW in the real world not some mythical made up scary alternative universe which only exists in the imagination.

The consultation is at

I didn’t get past this question as this is not a real consultation but a propaganda ploy to change the law and yes, ERADICATE Transgender people in the same way the Fascist Thatcher regime did to LGB people all those years ago with clause 28.

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