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This is the short version, we must ask Parliament to at least discuss an alternative to fighting the proxy war with Russia.

My name is Pauline Stoker and I am deeply concerned that over a year since the start of the war in Ukraine nobody has called for peace talks. Not our government nor any MP in Parliament, not even the UN. Boris Johnson said in Parliament ‘we must not let Putin win’ and immediately announced we would send military aid which has lead to the current Proxy war.

In the end phase of the last World War, Hitler used vengeance weapons, V weapons, V bombs and V2 ballistic missiles against Britain. Luckily Hitler had not perfected nuclear weapons. He would have used them if he had.

What is not widely known is that the British HAD perfected a Weapon Of Mass Destruction. A form of Anthrax which killed anyone breathing the spores within minutes of inhalation and which persisted in the environment for about 40 years. Churchill intended using his vengeance weapons against OCCUPIED FRANCE in the event of Britain losing the war, more specifically, as soon as German Troops gained a foothold in England. We were prepared to use WMD against France to prevent our defeat. Probably seemed to be the right thing to do at the time in the mind of Churchill.

Putin has tactical battlefield weapons under his command. Tactical weapons are more dangerous than ‘Nuclear deterrent’ weapons because when defeat on the battlefield looks likely they are an available weapon even if it is a last resort to avoid defeat. Using Tactical battlefield nuclear weapons will almost certainly lead to escalation, An instant all out nuclear attack on Russia before they get a chance to launch their ‘deterrent’. Nuclear weapons are vengeance weapons. The Dark Side of Human Nature will always seek vengeance.

Please sign this petition as a matter of great urgency. We can’t stop war. Wars are easily started but can only end in two ways. One or the other side is defeated or through cease fire and peace talks. Putin defeated will likely use nuclear weapons as a ‘last resort’. We hear on the news that he is a monster and irrational.


To make the petition live please click this link, read and if you agree that someone in power should at least look for peace please sign and share.

Thank you everyone. xx