Budding Freelance Journalist and Writer

Welcome to my little Blog spot. Here you will find a few of my rambling stories, thoughts and a couple of draft articles I was working on in the two weeks leading up to my becoming unemployed. My work was never intended to be made public originally. I just enjoy writing and knowing my writings would never be seen allowed me to be honest. Actually, when I first bought the web space it was because I thought a blog was a kind of diary and my old one from WH Smiths had ended in July. I couldn’t find a replacement. I think they stopped producing July to July diaries. It must have been a marketing thing, theirs being the only diary available that can be bought in the middle of the year. Anyway that’s why I got started with a blog. It took about two years before I figured out how to use it though so I had to make do with a hard back exercise book and use that as a journal and diary haha. xx

I am a Freelance Journalist and writer with a very strong social conscience. I am interested in spiritual affairs and the mysteries of life. I am also interested in Human development, history, evolution, physics, geology, archaeology and the beliefs of our distant ancestors. I am researching the British Roman period and what life for ordinary people was really like.

I am also investigating Britain and Europe during the Dark Age period. I want to know how spiritual belief systems changed and I am asking the question, was Dark Age Britain really a time of constant war, waves of invasion and a total breakdown of all the social structure that had gone before? I am actually finding evidence which suggests the opposite may be true.

I find politics a depressing subject but I am investigating the true nature of democracy and how various regimes including the UK Tory/Labour double act thrive on sowing hate and division and the reasons behind their survival. I am studying the period between The Winter Of Discontent to the present day. It is very depressing as I have to study the nature of Love and Hate, propaganda and Fascism. U.S./U.K. imperialism, the story of Oil, ‘Slow Burn Invasions’ of Europe by the U.S, sowing chaos as a means of control and some other depressing subjects.

All of the subjects I have listed can all be linked. I’m working on several books but don’t have any time. I became unemployed in February and was blocked by my Work Coach from following my dream/plan of becoming a Freelance Journalist and Writer. Never mind, as soon as I am working again I shall be writing that particular story. That story is not finished yet anyway. I have been ordered to spend 35 hours a week looking for a job of at least 35 hours work per week! I was previously only working part time as my employer kindly agreed to reduce my hours when I told them I was suffering from fatigue.

Regime of Fear/Hostile Environment will be my first published article. It will be finished a week following my return to work or a few weeks after I am sanctioned, whichever occurs first.